Hosentürle skirt and Oktoberfest in Alaska

Alaska street style mature woman in Bavarian skirt
Oliveo plaid shirt, Star denim jacket, and deer leather Bavarian Hosentürle skirt with Etienne Aigner sandals and Kate Moss for Longchamp satchel bag (all own)

Oktoberfest is also celebrated in Alaska’s breweries

There are many local breweries in Alaska and every October they celebrate Oktoberfest with special brews and special “German” food. I never had such food in Germany, you get the idea. On weekends, they typically have a local band playing some bluegrass, country music, blues, salsa or pop music.

Bars cash in on Oktoberfest as well

Also the bars dip in on the Oktoberfest. There is a place out in Fox, a little community of 417 outside of Fairbanks, called Howling Dog. It is the place where they have the red carpet on which President Reagan and Pope Johannes Paul II met in Fairbanks on May 2, 1984. At the Howling Dog, they often have a band that plays real Bavarian Oktoberfest music. And guess what? These guys even wear Hosentürle Lederhosen, Bavarian hats, and Karohemden. Karo is a sort of gingham pattern with just two colors and the plaid is about 0.3937inch x 0.3937inch (1cm x 1cm) wide. Think more of a supersized gingham pattern than American style plaid. The word “Hemd” means shirt. Hosentürle means little door of the pants. 🙂

Hosentürle mini skirt is the newest German street style hit

Recently I stumbled upon this cool Hosentürle mini skirt and ordered it. It is such a statement piece. I had never seen one when I lived in Bavaria. I am not sure whether I will wear it when we go to listen to a band at one of the Oktoberfest celebrations in the Fairbanks metropolitan area. Probably, I will stick to a traditional dirndl.

Hosentürle skirt styled for date night

The photo above shows how I styled my new Hosentürle skirt for date night with my husband. I wore brown opaque tights as we now have already temperatures below the freezing point at night. I did not want to go down the sweet Alpine styling route to not look like wearing a costume. Furthermore, in America, Oktoberfest is incorrectly celebrated in October only and does not start in September as does the original Oktoberfest in München.

Hosentürle skirts are the latest streetstyle It skirt in Bavaria
Zoom in on the deer leather Hosentürle skirt. The buttons are made from deer horn and are attached with a leather string. The embroidery is traditional and pushes the leather up thereby creating structure.

To push the skirt into American territory and fashion over 40, I added an oversize denim jacket, a structured bag and my green, white, black, and blue plaid shirt. To elongate the legs I wore my brown Etienne Aigner sandals that I found in a consignment store recently. Thus, the skirt looks more like street style than Oktoberfest.

What do think about this skirt? Do you like it? Would you wear it? Let me know by email, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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