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The new factor boosts outfit ideas

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#styleover40 woman in baby pink dress with washed denim jacket
Baby pink dress c/o Lookbook Store worn with own light blue tailored denim jacket, an Esprit vintage bag and True or Dare floral pumps and a DIY necklace

New items give a fresh perspective on what you own

Whenever I have a new piece in my closet I have to wear it as soon as the weather allows. After the first wear, the new item goes on repeat, sort off. What I mean with this is that I wear it more often than other cloths in my closet. I call it the “new factor.” I test-drive new outfits that are now possible. After a while this “new factor” fades down and the piece goes into normal rotation of wear, and later it gets worn fewer and fewer until it does not make the cut in the next seasonal closet haul-over.

#fashionover40 woman in baby pink dress and tailored denim jacket
Side view of baby pink dress c/o Lookbook Store and own light blue denim jacket, Madonna True or Dare floral pumps. The mirrored aviator Ray Ban glasses and edgy DIY necklace take this risky color combination into serious territory

Try out new outfits

As you know this baby pink dress is new. I wore it the first time with  pink shoes and a motorcycle vest. Today’s post shows how I wore it the second time around: I went with a light wash tailored denim jacket. At the office, I took the jacket off (see below). The edgy DIY necklace and the pumps take the sweet vibe of the dress to serious.

#fashionover50 mature woman in baby pink dress
Baby pink dress c/o Lookbook Store worn with own Madonna True or Dare floral pumps, vintage Esprit bag from the late 90s, and an edgy necklace that I made myself in a recreational class when I was in college

What do you think? Which way of wearing this pink beauty do you like more? How I styled it last time or in this OOTD? Do you repeat outfits or try new ones every time you wear a piece again?

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Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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