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Luxury and designer brands at affordable prices

Which woman doesn’t dream of a designer bag or watches or even just a pair of a popular brand’s shoes. They admire that “girlfriend” or colleague who has always the latest designer piece. They make you always wonder whether they have saved every dime for it. May be you even dared to ask that lady, and she didn’t give her secret away. All you got was “Oh, I just was lucky. It was on sale.” or something vague like that.

In my opinion, the best selection of luxury and designer brands at incredible prices is My Gift Stop. Their direct relationship with manufacturers and being an official retailer of some of the world’s most popular brands, allow them to sell luxury goods like watches, bags, jewelry, shoes, fragrances, sunglasses, brand name perfume and other items at heavily discounted prices… In other words, they cut the middleman out. Consequently, you can shop designer watches, handbags and more without breaking the bank!

Skagen watch
Love this rose gold color with mother-of-pearl dial minimalism Skagen watch. It’s such a versatile piece that goes with everything from weekend casual to the office and even a cocktail party with a LBD. It’s currently available for just $89.95!

Brands they have encompass many of my favorites that you may have seen already here on the blog like Seiko, Bulova, Ray-Ban, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Anne Klein, Keds and Prada. Here just some example photos from my closet.

zoom-in on Michael Kors leopard print leather satchel
You probably know my Michael Kors leopard print leather satchel with studs. It was a must-have for me. Studs plus leopard print plus MK plus a reduced price! Who can resist when you need a new satchel?
portrait of blogger with purple mirrored Ray Ban aviator sunglasses
I love Ray Ban sunglasses. Here is my pair of purple mirrored aviators from them. So cool. They are perfect even with my winter clothes. Since the Sun is so low in the sky in winter you need sunglasses. during those 3.5 hours or so the Sun is out.
style blogger with Ray Ban classic aviator sunnies
Another pair of my Ray Ban sunglasses. The classic aviator.
Nicole in red-white-and-blue outfit with polka dot Keds
You don’t need to be a hard core Taylor Swift fan to love a pair of Keds. I love this red pair with varying size polka dots. They are my goto for Independence Day and outdoor concerts.

… and here items from my wardrobe that I wear everyday, but you can’t see them normally. I never leave the house without spraying on some perfume. Let me tell you they also have a great perfume selection! For my money, perfume is always a great gift idea.

many beautiful perfume flacons
Somehow I can’t toss beautiful perfume flacons. This photo shows a glimpse on my collection of empty “bottles”

5% of every sale is donated to Direct Relief

I not only love that My Gift Stop hands the advantage of their direct contracts with the brands down to their customers by keeping the prices low. I also like that they are dedicated to giving back to society. They donate 5% of every sale to the global medical relief nonprofit, Direct Relief. Every one who had a medical bill of several months worth in pay checks well understands what an impact such a charity can make.

cool posh Kate Spade work tote
Currently they have this classic with a twist work tote from Kate Spade. Love the seam on the sides. So different. A perfect understated elegance.

In a nutshell

My Gift Stop is the place to find great name brands and authentic luxury designer items for yourself and for last minute gifts at incredibly low prices. By buying “luxury” pieces from them you give indirectly back to society because they donate 5% of their sales to Direct Relief. How great is that?

Browse their collection now.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

Photo of perfume flacons: N. Mölders

Other photos: My Gift Stop

Disclosure: My Gift Stop sponsored this post. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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    I love sites like this that cut out the middle man. We have a few here in the UK that I buy from frequently.

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