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Cinderella’s story told my way in Muee dresses

Once upon a time, the King had invited all young women of the richest people in his kingdom to three parties in a row, at which the Crown Prince was to choose his future wife. Cinderella overheard her always goregously and expensively dressed step sisters talking about the party at the King’s castle.

Since they were the stepdaughters of the richest merchand in the Kingdom they were on the list of invitees. So was Cinderella, rich merchand’s real descendant, but her stepsisters were sure she wouldn’t go. Cinderella was a nerdy, smart cookie wearing jeans and a Tee all the time. What did a gal like her know about shopping for prom dresses, cocktail dresses and alike? Furthermore, their mother had always kept Cinderella on a budget that was just a percent of what the three spent on their own clothing bills. How could she possibly come up with a gorgeous gown that would make her win the Prince’s heart, they thought.

Muee black and silver prom dress Muee beading A-line long black chiffon prom dress
Muee prom dress Muee elegant lace bodice long floor length ice blue tulle prom dress

Being a merchand, her father rarely was at home. His wife administered the business at home excellently in his abscence. He was very pleased about her management and business abilities and trusted her to the fullest. Regarding Cinderella’s dressing, he just thought that she had lost her mom to early to develop a great sense for fashion and style. He wished he had met his new wife earlier so his daughter would have developed the great taste for homecoming dresses like his incredibly stylish stepdaugthers.

Muee royal blue prom dress
Muee chic modern royal blue sleeveless beading A-line long chiffon prom dress she wore at the first party

Cinderella was very savvy on her laptop that she used for college. Thus, she went online and ordered three beautiful, gorgeous gowns at Muee. She namely knew that Muee has affordable special occasion dresses for a budget as small as hers.

Muee tulle prom dress in red
Muee bling cap sleeve beaded bodice A-line red tulle prom dress Cinderella wore at the second party

She went to all three parties and looked so stunning and outstanding that her stepmother and stepsisters did not even recognize her. Everybody wondered who that young lady is and what designer she wore.

Muee tea length ball gown
Muee vintage long sleeve lace tea length Champagne tulle homecoming dress Cinderella wore at the final ball

At the end of the final ball, the Crown Prince was to choose his future wife. He picked Cinderella. The King took him aside and asked “Why her? We don’t even know her, and the designer she wears. Her dresses were beautiful, right, and she looks stunning, but …” “Dad, what do you think I did the last two days prior to the party? I browsed the internet to find the source of her dresses. They are form Muee and are incredibly stylish and affordable. They even do customizing. Some of their dresses come in nearly 50 different colors and she picked always the shade that is the most flattering for her skin tune. That saves money on makeup. I want a woman who knows how to look great without spending a fortune. Not one like the rich merchant’s spoiled stepdaughters.” The King started thinking. After a while he said “You are right. She is the right bride whom ever’s daughter she might be.”

Muee wedding dress
Muee V-neck off shoulder long sleeve A-Line lace wedding dress

Of course, Cinderella picked one of the wedding dresses and the bridesmaid dresses for her stepsisters from the Muee collection. And the three sisters bought Muee prom dresses ever after.

Muee bridesmaid dress
Muee short sleeve cowl neck coral long rustic chiffon bridesmaid dress

Have you a wedding or formal event coming up soon? Have you already picked your dress or an idea what kind of dress you want? Which of the Muee dresses is your favorite? Let me know by email, I am curious.

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