Mother’s Day outfit for mature women
Victoria Victoria Beckham silk print dress with cardigan, and Gloria Vanderbilt pumps (all own)

What I wore on Mother’s Day

Today I am wearing my silk clothes print dress styled with a rust color cardigan that I dyed myself. For the commute a trench coat is always a great option, not only on a gray day. You can always pair red pumps with a LBD, even when the LBD is not purely red. 😉 You have seen this Victoria Victoria Beckham dress worn as a shirt before, and you saw the rust cardigan styled for the Christmas season in the posts at the links before.

fashion blogger over 50 wearing pattern for Mother's Day
Victoria Victoria Beckham dress with GNW cardigan knotted around the waist, Gloria Vanderbilt pumps, and Paloma Picasso sunglasses (all own)

Mother’s Day tradition of the childhood

When I was a kid, my siblings and I celebrated Mother’s Day by making breakfast for my mom. We gave her also a little gift. Typically, my brother bought her red lipstick. My sister and I rotated in giving her pralines and her favorite liquor. Liquor? Yes! Of course, in Germany it was forbidden to sell alcohol to kids. However, in the week of Mother’s day, the owner of the local store sold liquor, wine, and brandy to the kids.

style blogger in Victoria Beckham dress with rust cardigan and red pumps styled for Mom's special day
Victoria Victoria Beckham dress worn with Burberry trench coat, Gloria Vanderbelt pumps, GNW cardigan, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, and structured bag (all own)

Mother’s Day as a young woman

In later years, as a young adult, I just called my mom when I could not come on Mother’s day and brought her the gift the next time I came visiting. After I immigrated to the States, I sent her a gift by mail and called her on Mother’s Day. When she was lucky or I, she had the package in the week of Mother’s Day. It worked out most the time. One time, she never got the gift. Customs had decided (for reasons unknown to me) that they send it back.

Today it’s a work day

The University of Alaska Fairbanks has their commencement on Mother’s Day. In our department several students are graduating. Last week I overheard one of them saying that his graduation is the best Mother’s Day gift ever for his mother. What was your best Mother’s day gift ever? Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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