Sequin skirt with plaid shirt and Moschino belt

mature woman in edgy festive look
VS Sequin skirt with Oliveo plaid shirt, Moschino belt, GNW tights (all own) for a festive look with an edge

Holiday outfit inspiration

Are you still thinking about what to wear to the office holiday party or to Grandma’s holiday invitation? Here is some inspiration just using pieces you may have already in your closet.  Wearing sequins with plaid is quite unexpected. The sequins give the outfit some shine. The plaid cotton shirt allows you to feel comfy and not stiff. The green and white in the shirt’s pattern plus the red Moschino belt deliver the spirit colors. Buttoning the shirt up stays away from showing too much. This look would make a nice holiday party at the office or holiday family reunion outfit to let you stand out of the crowd of holiday sweaters, and holiday dresses that nobody will ever wear again.

Woman in warm evening look
Black pumps with VS sequin skirt, Oliveo plaid shirt, GNW tight, and Moschino belt (all own)

Don’t forget: Your outerwear is an outfit too

To get to the party just throw over your favorite coat and dress it up with a beret, hat or headband like in the photo below. Make sure to create an outfit with your outerwear as well. Be aware that part of your outfit is also part of your outerwear outfit. Styling doesn’t stop at the outfit.

Pro tip:

Bring your fancy shoes in a huge bag so you do not ruin them when walking thru the snow.

mildlife woman in posh chic street style winter outerwear
Burberry motorcycle coat with Kate Moss for Longchamp bag, head band and Salamander shearling booties (all own)

What will you wear at your office’s holiday party? What do you wear at the holiday family reunion? Let me know by email, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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