Bikini plus down coat fails to be a weatherwoman look

mature woman wearing denim on denim
Oliveo denim skirt with Great Northwest denim shirt, silk scarf and Nine West plateau heeled loafers

What I do for a living

I am a meteorologist. One of the projects I currently work on examines the impacts of ship speeds on air quality. I perform these investigations by using an air quality model that I run with different emission scenarios.

#styleover40 Mature woman in Burberry blazer with denim on denim
Burberry double-breasted blazer with Oliveo denim skirt, Great Northwest denim push button shirt and American Meteorological Society  silk neckerchief, Nine West heeled loafers, and Kate Moss for Longchamp bag (all own)

Like for cars the emissions of ships depend on the operation mode. During maneuvering ships emit more because the engines run at inefficient load. At high, cruise speeds, they emit more than at low speeds because they need more energy (i.e. fuel) to go fast. Here I am standing at the world map to show you the area I do the investigations for: Southeast Alaska, the so-called Panhandle.

It’s a rumor that the work look of weather(wo)men is a bathing suit and down coat at the same time

I am wearing a dark wash denim skirt and a light wash denim shirt. To dress up the look I added an oxblood silk scarf around my neck and brown and oxblood colored plateau heeled loafers. On my commute to work I wore a Burberry blue, oxblood and brown small plaid blazer and tan duffle bag.

What do you wear to work? Do you like the denim on denim look? do you like the blue-oxblood-tan color combination? Let me know, send me and email. I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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