1. Which coat serves you best depends on where you live
    2. Coats for maritime, wet and windy climate
    3. Coats to stand the cold of the polar vortex after the snow storm
    4. Coats for cold, dry (and windy) climate
    5. Price-performance ratio
    6. Final remarks


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by ML Furs. The post is not endorsed by them. It represents my own opinion on the items I chose to feature in this post for the given reasons.

Which coat serves you best depends on where you live

The polar plunge after this week’s clipper system in the Great Lakes and Northeast just demonstrated that winter is not over yet. Here in Interior Alaska, the cold snap seems to feel at home, and the polar vortex still has great vorticity. Even tough most people suffer already from cabin fever and/or dream of summer, face it there are at least two months of winter to bear. Even down south, in the Denver area, weather can be pretty ugly in March.

What about a new winter coat to up your winter mood, to get out of the winter boredom< of wearing the same coat over and over again, and to stay stylish, warm and cozy? Here are my picks from ML Furs to stay warm in cold winter climate regions.

Coats for maritime, wet and windy climate

When you live in a maritime rainy, windy winter climate with temperatures around the freezing point like Southeast Alaska, British Columbia, or the Pacific Northwest. a trench coat with lining is unbeatable. Here are my picks from ML Furs‘ collection in this category. The classic cuts of these coats work well for the office and also look great, but not over the top with jeans for a trip to the mall.

ML Furs Brown Mid-Length Rain Coat with Rabbit Fur Liner and Mink Trim

ML Furs brown mid-length rain coat

ML Furs men's Spanish black trench mid-length shearling coat

ML Furs men’s Spanish black trench coat

Coats to stand the cold of the polar vortex after the snow storm

On sunny days with snow on the ground, puffer coasts and jackets provide perfect stylish protection from the cold polar air that flows into the area after a storm. Their insulation is among others due to the air that is caught between the feathers. Since feathers dry slowly, never wear a down coat when rain is in the forecast! On such days go for a trench coat instead. Here are my picks from ML Furs‘ puffer-coat category.

ML Furs Blue Rex-Rabbit and Fox Fur Mid-Length Down Coat

ML Furs Blue mid-length puffer down coat

ML Furs Cupido Après-Ski Mid-Length Coat with Blue Fox Trim

ML Furs Cupido Après-Ski puffer coat

You can find how to identify the best downcoat for your climate zone at the link.

Coats for cold, dry (and windy) climate

I love shearlings as you know for a variety of reasons. A thigh-length shearling coat works well with work cloths like a wool skirt with tights and boots, or wool pants. It  looks work appropriate for a dinner with clients or customers. But it  can also be worn casually with jeans for the weekend. Its timeless and a great investment into your wardrobe for years to come.

The hair of the shearling holds air in tiny pockets which makes a perfect insolation. The outer skin of the coat is great for wind protection. A shearling is perfect for all continental dry regions like, for instance, Interior Alaska or the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It also works in the windy climate of the North Slope of Alaska.

ML Furs Spanish Noir mid-length shearling coat

ML Furs Spanish Noir mid-length shearling coat

ML Furs Black Shearling Vest

ML Furs Black shearling vest

ML Furs Spanish Brown Reversible Hooded Mid-Length Orylag and Shearling Coat

ML Furs reversible hooded shearling coat

ML Furs Spanish Brown Brisa Mid-Length Shearling Coat

ML Furs Spanish brown Brisa shearling coat

Above are my picks from ML Furs‘ shearling coat category. The shearling on the upper left is even 30% off! The mid-length parka on the upper right is great for stylish moms when dropping off/picking up the kids at school so the kids don’t have wait for the school bus at -20F (-28.9oC). When you do not want to go for a parka, the motorcycle inspired brown shearling jacket with peplum is a great alternative as it covers your bum (lower right). The shearling vest (lower left) is a pure luxe fashion item for an evening in a cottage at the fire place with your sweetheart  <3 .

Price-performance ratio

I have to admit that shearling coats have a seemingly high price up front. However, if you calculate the cost-per-wear, my shearling coats were the best deals with respect to the cost-per-wear of all my coats. In Alaska, we have seven months of “coat weather”. I have one shearling coat that I am now wearing in the 15th winter in a row 🙂 . That coat is now in the range of $2 per wear. My wool coats never made it so far.

Final remarks

ML Furs has marked down many of their coats. Thus, have a look yourself and take your picks. Browse their collection now to save. The next winter will come sooner than you think.

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Photos courtesy to ML Furs

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