Military inspired

#over40 militray inspired look over 40 | High Latitude Style |
Button-down shirt dress with smoky quartz statement belt, studded slingback heels,Ray Ban sunglasses and structured bag (all own)

I really love the military look. Thus, when I saw this dress in Europe I had to have it. Originally it hit about half calf length, which I find very unflattering for me. I bought it nevertheless with the plan to shorten it to my favorite length at home. After the hemline was higher up it looked so much better.

When I shop for clothing I always look at the overall potential of a piece. First it must fit or have the potential with some minor changes to get the right fit. Second it must be able to go with at least five other pieces that are already in my closet. Third it must be along my style line – classic with a twist to rock n roll, military or casual.

The only exception from this rule are my dance cloths. They are glam. Obviously, I look so different that a friend from the ballroom dance club did not recognize me when he met me in a professional setting. 🙂

#over40 militray trend| High Latitude Style |
Other view of the above described outfit to show the arm party

I am wearing this military inspired dress with a a wide statement belt, arm candies a classic structured bag and studded shoes.

Photos: G. Kramm (2013)

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