Running under the midnight sun

Every year on a Saturday around summer solstice, the Midnight Sun Run starts in Fairbanks at 10 pm. It is a 10 km run across town. No, it is not a typo, I mean 22:00 at night. It works as the sun is up 24/7 at this time a year.

There are serious runners who prepare for the race and finish in excellent times. They start first. Typically, this group encompasses the usual Fairbanks running crowd, some athletes from out-of-state, who come as it is one of the races one has to be in as a serious runner, and a group from the military. However, most of the participants walk the run for fun. 🙂

mixing three pattern in one outfit
Illustration of the movement of the Karl Jaeger button front dress, Carhartt gingham shirt, Anne Klein T-strap slingbacks, DIY necklace and LV bucket bag (all own)


The race passes our street after the first mile. I like to watch because of the military singing marching songs and the costumes of the locals. Part of the midnight sun run is a costume competition. To win a price, the costume designers have to finish the run in their costume.

There are different categories this year: Favorite TV character, Anything goes! and Klondike Gold Rush. There are three divisions: under 12, individual and group greater than 4.

#over40fashion #over50fashion summer dress with shirt
Karl Jaeger button front dress, Carhartt gingham shirt, Anne Klein T-strap sling backs, DIY necklace and LV bucket bag (all own)

A race in costumes

Typically, local politicians, sport heroes, and celebrities are favorite inspirations for costumes in the the category Anything goes!  For instance, when Sarah Palin became governor, there were about 20 Sarah Palin look-a-likes. Read red blazer, white shirt, up-do, glasses, black pants or jeans. You get the idea. Big Foot is also a favorite costume due to the many stories about Alaska’s hairy man.

The Klondike Gold Rush category seems very interesting as Fairbanks has its roots in the Gold Rush. Thus, I expect costumes along like in the following photos.

Gold Rush costume for the Golden Day Parade in Fairbanks Gold Rush costume in front of a real rocket. In the background a rubber duck is seen that advertises the rubber duck race on the Chena river that is part of the Golden Days activities that celebrate the Gold Rush time of Fairbanks
#Alaska #traveltip Gold Rush costume in front of equipment from the Fairbanks Gold Rush Gold Rush costume in front of equipment of the Gold Rush time on exhibition in the Pioneer Park in Fairbanks

To participate in the run one has to register, and pay a fee. In past years, pre-registration was awarded with a T-shirt with the respective year’s logo. These T-shirts have collector status.

If you happen to be in Fairbanks around summer solstice, plan to participate in the midnight sun run. Next Monday I will write about another event that is worth going to when you are in Fairbanks around summer solstice.

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Today’s outfit evolves around white with blue and various shades of brown mixed together. Brown with blue and white are neutrals that work year round.

Do you wear different patterns in one outfit?

#over50fashion mature woman in an outfit for a rainy summer day
Bebe motorcycle leather jacket with Karl Jaeger button front dress, Carhartt gingham shirt, Anne Klein T-strap sling backs, DIY necklace and LV bucket bag (all own)

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Photos: G. Kramm

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