Best outfits of March

#over40 #over50 pants with sweater | High Latitude Style |
Lew Magram suede pants with Landsend cashmere sweater, Manolo Blahnik booties and pendant necklace (all own)

Time flies. It is already April! Next Sunday is already Easter! Spring, its first flowers and leaves are just around the corner, at least for those of you who live south of the Alaska border. Despite green-up will occur not before mid May in Fairbanks, I am glad to store the winter clothes for the next five months. Now to March Recap.

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Avoid rocky blogging mistakes – Google+ Dress for Success – First Friday

#over40 casual outfit | High Latitude Style |
Loft boot-cut jeans with turtleneck cashmere sweater, black booties, and Russian scarf

#over40fashion outfit for gallery visit | High Latitude Style |
GNW Luxe wool cashmere sweater with Moda International leather pants and statement belt (all own)

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Fashion over 40 is being in control of your life Why you can walk in heels in stores, but nowhere else

#over40 #over50 Alaska spring look | High Latitude Style |
Barbour cable-knit dress with Burberry plaid blazer, Gucci belt, GNW tights, Chanel bag, boxy leather coat, and Nine West booties

shoes | High Latitude Style |
Zoom-in on Nine West loafers and leopard print tights

I continued my series Dress for Success. The new four issues were Clothes shopping, St. Patrick’s Day, Fashion event, and First Friday. You can find the full collection of this series here. The next post of this series goes up next Wednesday.

My monthly series Avoid rocky blogging mistakes featured posting under your Google+ page name. The next post of this series goes up April 14, 2015.

Finally, my New Year’s resolution to offer a linkup party became real. Creating the logo took the longest. This linkup is live every Thursday at 0000 AST which is GMT-9h or EST-4h. You can linkup your Top of the World Style at the end of this post.

#linkup #fashionlinkup #over40fashion | Top of the World Style linkup party logo | High Latitude Style |
High Latitude Style | Top of the World Style linkup party every week on Thursday


#over40 Alaska spring outfit  | High Latitude Style |
Striped coat with gloves, Lew Magram pants, Manolo Blahnik booties, YSL bag and hat (all own)

Now to the new OOTD. It is still coat season here in Alaska. However, what goes underneath can be a bit lighter than in January. Here, I combined my chartreuse sweater with my suede pants. Once melt-up starts I can’t wear these pants anymore because of the splash. The color combination works because red and green are complementary. In the color wheel, chartreuse is just a bit off the green towards yellow. This slight offset creates the tension that makes this color combination interesting. How do you play with the color wheel?

Top of the World Style

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