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Today I have the honor to introduce your to Brandon Leibowitz. Brandon Leibowitz is a seasoned writer for global thrift retailers, Savers and Value Village. He is a frequent contributor to blogs such as Social Media Examiner, Businesses 2 Community and several others. Brandon is recognized as a strong social media influencer due to his knowledge of and dedication to the industry.

I asked him to write a guest post from the perspective of the opposite gender What women over 40 should and shouldn’t wear. Read on, it is quite interesting and surprising. Let me know whether or not you agree with his views.

He had awesome photos of examples in his guest post. Unfortunately, I had to remove them as we could not get the permissions from the copyright owners 🙁 . However, what he has to say has value all by itself, and it is clear what he talks about even without the photo examples from the magazines.

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What women over 40 should and shouldn’t wear

Guest post by Brandon Leibowitz

While most women dress up for themselves, the opinion of the opposite sex still matters to some extent. Even in your 40’s the rule still stands that it’s best to dress for yourself and not to impress men. However, a little opinion from the opposite sex doesn’t hurt as it gives you an insight into what you might be doing wrong. Here are a few ideas on how to look awesome for women fashion over 40.

What To Avoid

Regardless of your age, never make the mistake of trying too hard. It’s not for us to control a person’s dressing style but the point is to help you determine age-appropriate clothing that brings out your best features. Here’s what you should avoid wearing in your 40’s:

  • Ripped jeans – By the time you turn 40, you already know the importance of elegance over trends. Leave the ripped jeans trend to teenagers and go for denims that bring out your grace.
  • Micro minis – While a certain length of mini skirt can look great on you, micro minis must be avoided at all cost. Remember that style and grace aren’t always about showing skin.
  • Rompers – Teens and 20-somethings can get away with rompers but they aren’t a good choice for women in their 30’s and 40’s.
  • Tight everything – No matter what age you are, wearing tight tops with tight bottoms isn’t such a good option. It’s more important to create balance.
  • Too many colors – It’s always fun to add some colors to your outfit especially if you have a cheerful and spirited personality. However, try to limit the number of colors in your outfit. Avoid wearing more than 2 bright colors at once.
  • Baggy clothes – You might use baggy clothes to cover up parts of your body that you don’t like. This just makes you look frumpy. Instead, go for well-fitted pieces that flatter your body.
  • Fringe tops – Again, these are a passing trend and do not belong in a grown woman’s closet. Unless you’re channeling some pop star for a Halloween costume, stay away from fringe tops.

What To Wear

The key to looking good is to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in while helping you express your personal style, regardless of your age. Take a look at some basic but essential style tips for women in their 40’s:

  • Try shapewear – You may be going through changes in your body and you want to hide the bulges. Instead of covering up with baggy clothes, go for shapewear as this can effectively hide problem areas.
  • Button-downs – From your 20’s onwards, a well-fitted button-down shirt can be your best friend. It looks good with everything – from skirts and shorts to denims and trousers. You can dress it up or tone it down based on where you want to wear it and style it according to your personal style. Opt for button-downs in solid colors like white and black.
  • Trench coat – A well-fitted trench coat is the perfect piece to add an elegant touch to any outfit. Trench coats are especially chic in your 30’s and 40’s, creating that posh and respectable look no matter what you wear underneath.
  • Watch the length – When wearing shorts or skirts, go for something that isn’t too short. You could go for something that’s about 2 inches above the knee at the max. It’s much better if you wear sandals or ballerinas in such cases as you could be going over the top with heels.
  • Fitted trousers – In your 40’s, you’re probably going to work or attending plenty of formal events. A pair of well-fitted trousers is a must-have to give you a stylish and age-appropriate look. You can dress them down with ballerina flats or wear them with your favorite pumps for a more formal event.
  • A fitted blazer – Another must-have for women, a well-fitted blazer in a solid hue can be used to add some flair to your casual outfit. When worn with flared denims or fitted trousers, a blazer can give you that graceful appeal.
  • Dark denims – Every woman needs a pair of denims that fits them perfectly. In your 40’s, go for darker denims as they are the most flattering for every body type. Flared denims and straight-cuts are the best option, as you can wear them for every occasion. They are also the most fail-safe design, as they can look great no matter what body shape you have.
  • A well-fitting dress – You don’t have to go for a little black dress when it comes to choosing a dress that fits you perfectly. Just as long as it flatters your body and skin tone, almost any color would do. Try to opt for solid colors like blue or red that can be worn multiple times in different styles.

Bottom line

While there are a number of things you can wear to look awesome in your 40’s, the key is to find a perfect fit that flatters your body. No matter what you choose to wear, try to exude a sense of elegance and style that fits your personality.


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