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Are hairy armpits a trend right now?

Last year in March, I saw a photo of Madonna – one arm up, holding her hand behind her head. Well, there is nothing wrong with this posture. What was pretty unexpected was the fact that her armpits were not shaved!

I thought that’s a long time ago that I’ve seen a woman with hairy armpits. Next up I thought why is she doing this? Then I forgot about it and moved on.

color block summer outfit with arm candies for work

back view of floral blazer with dress work outfit

blogger sitting on a bench in a floral blazer with fit-and-flare dress


back view of color block t-shirt dress

summer work dress in red and black
Illustrating the twirl of the summer dress when turning. The perfect dance gown styled with Hermes collier de chien bangle, and a vintage brooch (all own)

Hairy armpits are a do among twenty somethings

At the last dance, I saw two young women in their early twenties with – guess what – hairy armpits! I know them since at least two years and this look is new on them. Did Madonna start a new trend? A new trend by a baby-boomer in her 50s picked up by the twenty somethings? She definitively was a trendsetter for us twenty somethings and teenagers of the 80s back in the 80s. But still? Wow! If so, Madonna, you still rock! Or am I missing something?

Groomed or not groomed?

It is unbelievable, but the hairy armpit occurs once in a while with the celebrities, i.e. those who pay expensive stylists to look their best! Recall pretty woman – Julia Roberts – with hairy armpits waving to the fans at the premiere of Nottinghill? But it never seemed to become a trend that spreads faster than a conscious disease!

Shaving is a do for me

I cannot even remember when I started shaving my armpits. Not even imaging to stop shaving them. I am even a “shave-holic” if that word exists. Well, now it does. I shave my armpits like a man the face every morning in the shower. Just the idea to have some black stubble seems like breaking the look.

Growing them? No way! What a horrifying idea! Hairy armpits is definitively a trend I will pass on. What about you?

I bet that Madonna is already over her own trend working on the next trend to set. Probably laughing about all the hairy armpits she sees when walking the streets. 😉

Have you ever started a trend?

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Photos: G. Kramm

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