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Looking lucky in lace – an altered second hand find

Lace is a must-have this season

Lace is a big trend this season. They offer lace dresses, skirts etc. in various colors. Thus, nobody will have a difficulty to find her favorite color or a color that suits her well. My absolute favorite color for lace is black. For my money a lace item has to be black like this dress below.

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#over50fashion women in long black lace dress with jeans jacket
Black lace dress with see thru, Great Northwest denim jacket, Harley Davidson booties, and Hermes collier de chien belt (all own)

A great find in a dress swap

Actually, I got this dress at a swap. The previous owner had hardly worn it, actually I know her well and I had never seen her in that dress. If I understood it right it was for a special occasion. When I saw the dress I thought that it would be perfect when I shorten the underlining to create some mystery around my legs. Thus, when I came home I could not wait to do the measurements to get it just above the knee, do the cutting and sewing. I really like the outcome.

Sometimes a little alteration is all a second hand dress needs to be awesome again. Click To Tweet
#maturefashion women in long black lace dress with denim jacket
Lace dress with Great Northwest denim jacket, Harley Davidson booties and Hermes collier de chien belt (all own). Illustrating the nice twirl of the lace dress

A tweak can give an old dress a new look

When I wore the dress and the previous owner saw what I had done to the dress, she wondered why she never had the idea. I asked her whether she would like it back. She said swapped is swapped, you keep it. Very generous, I think. I hope you like the outfit. Unfortunately, I did not have the idea to take a photo about how it looked before.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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