Lookbook Store asymmetric fit-and-flare blazer – Review
Style blogger in riding jacket c/o Lookbook Store, own J Brand skinny jeans, Modalo Pippa shoulder bag, Sanchez flat boots and black and white silk scarf

What I like about this asymmetric blazer

This asymmetric fit-and-flare blazer features a loden like fabric in gray (see detail photo later in this post). The cut reminds me of the jackets worn by officers more than two centuries ago when the tail had either to be split or cut like here to be able to ride on a horse. The blazer has a full lining in cherry red that makes it easy to wear over other clothes. The red lining looks like satin and is supposed to show once in a while when the wearer moves. This feature creates some attention, and makes the blazer a head turner.

The cut is very figure friendly

In the front, the asymmetric fit-and-flare blazer features a princess cut. The jacket is tailored at the waist and then flares out in a pendulum like way in the front and tail-like in the back (see photo below). The tail is round like a cutaway. Being straight-up-and-down I like that this cut really gives me some shape.

#LookbookStore #fashionover50 mature woman in Fit-And-Flare-Blazer with skinnies
Side view of the asymmetric fit-and-flare blazer c/o Lookbook Store styled with own J Brand skinny jeans, silk scarf, and Modalo Pippa bag

Great love for details

The asymmetric fit-and-flare blazer is closed by silver buttons that feature an imprint similar to a Swiss coin detail (see photo below). The shoulders are slightly padded (see first photo in this post) and feature some extra darts to enhance the military look vibe of the blazer. The fit is created by a Princess cut.

Lookbook Store Fit-And-Flare-Blazer details
Zoom-in on the loden like fabric, the decorative button, and Princess cut with its decorative seams

This jacket is easier to style than expected

On the first view, this fit-and-flare blazer may seem to hard to style. But it goes with everything that is sleek underneath like a knee length or long pencil skirt, a sheath dress, riding pants, or skinny jeans.

#LookbookStore fashion blogger over 50 wearing a Lookbook Store Fit-And-Flare-Blazer with scarf, riding boots and jeans
Back view of the gray asymmetric fit-and-flare c/o Lookbook Store blazer worn with own skinny J Brand jeans, Modalo Pippa bag, and Sanchez riding boots (own)

Price-performance ratio

This blazer is inspired by the British riding jackets. It’s made with love to detail and a perfect fit. Since this jacket is a classic with a twist cut in a fabric that can be worn in three seasons (fall, winter, spring), the price-per wear goes below a dollar fast. In other words, the blazer is very affordable. Given the great love for details, the great price-performance ratio and the versatile styling options, I would recommend buying this blazer to my best female friend. The blazer is a Must-have for every fashionista who wants a classic blazer that sticks out of the crowd.

over 50 years style blogger in asymmetric blazer with jeans
Front view of asymmetric fit-and-flat blazer

In a nutshell

Altogether the asymmetric fit-and-flare blazer is a cute, modern spin on an old classic with an affordable price tag, and hence a great trend item for any age. Get your own statement blazer. Browse the Lookbook Store collection now.

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How do you like this blazer? Isn’t it a head turner? How would you style this beautiful blazer? I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

Disclosure: This blazer of my choice was given to me by Lookbook Store. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it expresses my 100% honest opinion.

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