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Lookbook Store double-breasted layered coat – Review

#LookbookStore #LookbookStoreReview #LookbookStoreDoubledBreastedLayerCoat | High Latitude Style |
#LookbookStore #LookbookStoreReview #LookbookStoreCDoubledBreastedLayerCoat #HighLatitudeStyle
Apricot double-breasted layered coat c/o Lookbook Store paired with skinny jeans, black mock neck top and nude slingbacks

I chose this apricot double-breasted coat from Lookbook Store for review. I like that its cut is a twist on the classic trench coat. The designer achieved a very feminine vibe by going for a rounded front layer and by dropping the military related trench coat details. The length of the coat’s belt is long enough to tie a one sided bow for further enhancement of the feminine  vibe if wanted.

The apricot color of the coat stays very neutral, as a spin on the usual khaki of trench coats. Thus, the coat feels modern and is easy to pair with a variety of colors. The front and back of the coat have a lining in a similar color, which allows wearing dark colors underneath and nice movement of the coat.

#LookbookStore #LookbookStoreReview #LookbookStoreCDoubledBreastedLayerCoat #HighLatitudeStyle
Zoom-in on the apricot double-breasted layered coat c/o Lookbook Store

The coat features silver buttons without holes. There is a small button halfway up on each side of the sleeve and a belt to hold the sleeves up on a warmer day or to up the style. The coat came with a little plastic zip bag attached that held one spare large and small silver button. I was positively impressed by this as I recently bought a coat in a medium price range coat that did not have extra buttons like this very affordable Lookbook Store coat.

The fabric of the coat looks and feels like silk, and is very lightweight. Thus, it is a great coat for beach walks when on vacation during the upcoming holiday season. The fabric also makes the Lookbook Store double-breasted coat a great top in cold regions. I paired it with a silk mock neck top underneath and skinny jeans for an office appropriate outfit.  Next time I will try wearing this coat as a top over my skinny black leather pants. Paired with leggings and a t-shirt underneath the coat makes a great, comfortable weekend outfit.

Lookbook Store has a promo for 5% on everything with the coupon code SAS5.

#LookbookStore #LookbookStoreReview #LookbookStoreCDoubledBreastedLayerCoat #HighLatitudeStyle
Side-view of the apricot double-breasted layer coat c/o Lookbook Store

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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