This linkup turorial guides you thru the linkup process step-by-step. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Linkup tutorial

Just click on the button that is shown in the blog post. Some bloggers also use just a link saying something like “InLinkz linkup” or “Join the Party” or “Click here to the Party”. If so, just click the link.

If you haven’t  already an InLinkz account, you will be asked to create one. Once that’s done you are able to linkup when you are logged in.

Clicking the button or link opens a page that looks similar to the one below


linkup page with thumbnails of linked posts


Scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will find another blue  button saying “Add your link”. This button looks like shown below


add your link button


Click that”Add your link” button. It opens a form that looks similar like the one below


linkup form to be filled out


Fill out the form. Note that it automatically pulls your email. Thus, you will not see my email there, but yours. Some browser settings may prohibit it. In that case, you will have to add your email manually. You can use the link to your blog post or the link of your IG post. The screenshot below illustrates where you can find the URL of your blog post.


where to find the URL of your blog post


In case that you want to link up your Instagram post, the screenshot below shows where you can find and copy it.


finding the URL of your Instagram post


Then the form pulls the images from your blog and shows them to you. The screenshot below shows you an example.


filled out linkup form and suggested thumbnails

You can use just the one that it had put in place of the frog thumbnail, which was in the unfilled form on the upper right corner, or select which image you want by just clicking “select.” You can also crop an image by clicking “crop” instead of select. Do the cropping and once you are happy with what you see hit done for the cropping. Once you have selected/cropped the thumbnail, hit the “done” button at the end of the page. You then can link up further posts or visit the posts others have linked up or go back to my blog by just clicking the images or the respective button.

Illustration how to submit the linked post


Alternatively, this means instead of choosing an image from your post,  you can upload the link to your image or upload a photo from your laptop or whatever device you are using. All you would have to do is to click upload or image URL instead of selecting a photo from your IG or blog post. Once you are finished hit done like described above and your post is linked up. After hitting “done” you will see something like the following screenshot.


leaving the linkup page


Here you can promote the linked up post on twitter, google+, pinterest or facebook. Doing so lets your followers know about the linkup party. You can also adding another post. To get back to the linkup to visit other linked up posts click “Take me back to the linkup!” It will lead you to the linkup page again.


linkup page with thumbnails of linked posts


Here you just click on the links at the thumbnails to visit other blogs. Leave them a comment that you came from the Top of the World Style linkup party and introduce yourself. A linkup party is all about making new friends, getting new traffic, and exposing your posts and/or blog/account to a wider audience than your current followers. To return to my post/blog just click the “Hostess thumbnail.”


I would highly appreciate your linking back to my post in your post and your following me via emailfacebooktwitterpinterest and instagram. Grab the Top of the World Style linkup party banner below and put it into your sidebar if you like.


Top of the World Style linkup party logo


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Have fun at the party and don’t forget to come back next week. While you are here, it’s best to sign up get an email invitation to the party. Please do not hesitate to contact me when you have further questions. I am here to help you.

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