Linen is a summer favorite as it feels cool in the heat. This post provides outfit ideas how to style linen trousers business casual and for the weekend with jeans pieces.

  1. Denim jacket with linen for Casual Friday
  2. Weekend outfit idea with linen pants and jeans shirt

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Denim jacket with linen for Casual Friday

In summer, my denim jackets serve as cover-up on chilly evenings or mornings here in Interior Alaska. In fall, they serve as part of my layering strategy. When you know that winter may bring days with temperatures below -40F (-40oC), you try to not wear the thick jackets or coats already in fall when temperatures are just above the freezing point. Thus, denim is a posh way to go. 😉 Yes, you can look great in denim over 40.

midlife blogger in chic denim jacket with linen work outfit

style book author in hemp trousers and oversize jeans frock

Zoom-in on Levis denim jacket with Tissot stone watch

#maturestyle woman in posh Casual Friday denim fall work outfit
Outfit details: Levis denim jacket with Oliveo linen pants, Tissot stone watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Taylor’s Gold’n Stone statement necklace, Prada bag, Anne Klein slingback pumps (all own), and T-shirt c/o Marine Layer


This look just uses all neutrals without looking boring. The secret why it stays interesting is the use of different texture of the fabrics and materials. A contrast of smooth (T-shirt) vs. different degrees of roughness (in increasing order: linen, denim pumps). The Tee ties the two neutral color schemes together with the stripes.

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Weekend outfit idea with linen pants and jeans shirt

This weekend look features linen pants, a denim push button shirt, and nude slingbacks. I dressed them up with a red MOSHINO belt, a string of pearls, and a Kate Moss for Longchamp bag. The linen pants have a short zipper on the outside side of the leg. I really like hardware to highlight my ankles. The nude heels are similar in color as the linen pants which elongates the legs. I wore this outfit for running errands around town. It is comfy, but looks polished.

How can I say that heels are comfy? I am wearing heels since I was 14. On a Saturday my parents went shopping with us kids to update/replace our fall wardrobes. I picked a pair of 3 inch (7.5cm) high caramel brown wedges. My mom disagreed with them, but my dad liked them. He said that I could have them. My mom brought up that I have to walk 20 minutes from and to the school bus stop every morning and afternoon. The shoes would be a torture and impractical. My dad said that that would be my problem not hers and I would have to deal with it as I would not get another pair this winter. Thus, I got them and never regretted it.

I am very thankful to him for intervening and helping me to get those shoes back then. I learned early on in life the skill to walk in high heels. Even my sport shoes have high heels as I am a ballroom dancer.

stylist in denim shirt with linen pants

style blogger in linen pants and jeans shirt
Oliveo pants, Great Northwest jeans shirt, MOSCHINO vintage belt, pearls, Anne Klein pumps (all own)

Photos: G. Kramm

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