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Pink tulle ruffle midi skirt c/o Lily Lulu with own opera length pearl necklace, lace halftee, earrings, unbranded pantyhose, Trouve leather camisole and Touch of Nina heels
Have you ever thought about getting a tulle skirt? Read my Lily Lulu Anais Tulle Skirt Review when you are thinking about getting one.
  1. A Great High Waisted Tulle Ruffle Mesh Midi Skirt for Date Night
  2. Skirt Details and Sizing
  3. Price-performance Ratio, Shipping, Returns, Customer Support, etc.
  4. Who Will Like This Product
  5. Facit of the Lily Lulu Anais Tulle Skirt Review

Disclosure: The Anais skirt is a sample of my choice from Lily Lulu. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

A Great High Waisted Tulle Ruffle Mesh Midi Skirt for Date Night

It is my great honor to introduce Lily Lulu to you. They are an UK online boutique retailer, bringing modern and fashionable clothing and shoes in all kind of personal styles to women worldwide. They are based in Manchester, which has a long history associated with production of fabrics and clothing. Thus, Manchester is often called the Fashion Capital of the North.

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When Lily Lulu’s team approached me to review a sample of my choice from their new collection this pink high waisted tulle ruffle mesh midi skirt caught my eyes. It has the flair of the ballet dancers’ skirts in Degas painting. Romantic, light, feminine. “That’s perfect for going out for dance night” was my immediate reaction. Of course, it’s also great for parties and other occasions. 😉

And there are many ways how to style a tulle skirt.

style blogger posing in silver heels, black leather shell, lace and pearls for a Lily Lulu Anais Tulle Skirt Review
Lily Lulu Anais tule skirt styled as a desaturated look for going out dancing


fashion blogger in tulle attire, lace halftee, leather corset, strappy sandals
Pink tulle ruffle midi skirt c/o Lily Lulu with own opera length pearl necklace, lace halftee, earrings, unbranded pantyhose, Trouve leather camisole and Touch of Nina heels


Skirt Details and Sizing

On my 5 ft 4 (1.63 m) body, the skirt has tea-length (see photos). This means when you are taller it will be midi, when you are petite it may be maxi. However, that shouldn’t keep you from buying the skirt. Tulle can be easily shortened by just cutting it.

When I unpacked the skirt, my first reaction was “what a genius design!” The ruffles are put in the front and the back below your hips. No bulk added where we don’t want it! Furthermore, this design also gives you a slim silhouette. No ruffles on the side. The vertical lines draw the eye up giving the illusion of height. <3

Another detail I like is that the tulle feels soft and not scratchy at all. In other words, not stiff like a tutu.

This beauty comes in one size fits most. To access to which size it might fit, I took the measurements of the inner skirt or lining. The sample laid out flat is 23 in (58.42 cm). This means a hip circumference of 44 in (111.76 cm) would still allow for 2 in (5.08 cm) ease.


Lily Lulu ruffle tulle layer attire details
Zoom-in on the ruffles


Price-performance Ratio, Shipping, Returns, Customer Support, Etc.

I recommend that you set your preferred currency when you browse their online boutique. You also can create a customer account.

Upon writing this post, the skirt was on sale for $21.93 $55.47 (£17.00 £43.00). Given that I am a passionated ballroom dancer, it will be fast under $1 per wear.

The package arrived astonishingly fast. Quickly after my order, they dispatched the sample and sent me a tracking number via email! <3

They charge £3.99, £6.99, £7.99, £8.99 and £9.99 for UK tracked, next working day, Saturday delivery, shipping to continental Europe and the rest of World, respectively. My friends in the UK will love that UK standard delivery (3-5 working days) is free for orders over £70.

If for any reason you want to return your item, they have a 14-days return policy. See they return policy page for more details.


Who Will Like This Product

This romantic skirt is perfect for date night. When your primary or secondary personal style is Romantic Style, this dream in tulle is a Must-have for the upcoming spring/summer season. It’s also perfect for an Afternoon Wedding guest attire or for a Christening, when you prefer wearing separates rather than a dress. For this post, I went with an Eclectic Style.

I wore the skirt for Dance Night last week. All women and even some guys made me compliments on the great skirt. One even said “I love your skirt. Will I have to wait for the blog post or do you tell me right now where I can buy it.” Of course, I told her immediately that she can order it at


If I hadn’t got the sample, I definitively would have bought the attire for myself.


ballroom dance lifting her leg in lace, leather and tulle attire
Tulle skirt styled with leather shell


midlife woman in Lily Lulu tulle skirt
Demonstration of the widths and ease of movement (upper photo), length on my 5 ft 4 frame and how sleek the ruffles flow (lower photo)


Facit of the Lily Lulu Anais Tulle Skirt Review

Lily Lulu’s clothing range that covers all bases, from classic staple basics to extravagant co-ords that scream out extra. The reviewed skirt is an affordable romantic, feminine high quality, soft tulle garment with great design, perfect for date night, dancing and other dress-up occasions. Browse their collection now.


Photos of me: G. Kramm
Other photos: N. Mölders

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  1. Mr.Rios

    That dress is cleverly deceptive: looks like a dance-specific dress, but upon closer inspection, is a light, soft dress that really catches the eye. It drapes incredibly well with those conical-shaped gatherings. and despite the tulle and gatherings, is not really that dense to the eye. This looks like a perfect dress to wear with an open-front ultra-lightweight shawl coat, as it provides just enough body to balance out the sheer fabric and length. Nicole, you look lovely and truly appreciate the color and texture contrast the leather bralette brings to the ensemble; it says ‘delicate, but tough’. Kinda wanting to know your algorithm for ‘wear-to-cost’ ratio now that you brought it up; would love to see how much I’ve gotten out of my clothing!

  2. Hi, Nicole – This is definitely your style for dancing! And look at you in that tough black leather vest to stylishly juxtapose the feminine frilly pink skirt. 😀 It has a definite fashion impact! XO, Angie – your true self blog

  3. Jodie

    That is absolutely fabulous Nicole!!