Use sequins to create an interesting look with light and shadow

Today’s post is inspired by the play of light and shadow we see so often in nature. Sequins are a great way to immitate this display of light vs. shadow. This post shows by examples how to wear sequins to create an interesting look with light and shadow. To give you and idea of the nature inspired outfit idea let me explain first, what I am refering to.

Light and shadow in Alaska vs. France

Ever since I drove down the autoroute du solei in spring at age 19, I am in love with the play of light and shadow. In springtime in the Interior, sunny days produce a great display of light and shadow like  in the Provence. However, while sycamores cause the shadows on the streets of southern France, in Alaska, black and white spruce, birch, and alder cause shadows on icy roads. Furthermore, in Alaska, the sun is much lower in the sky than in southern France. However, including the long subarctic twilight, now the time of daylight already exceed that of darkness despite the official date of spring onset is still about a week to go. Due to the low sun zenith angle in the subarctic, the shadows are also much longer than they are in southern France in spring. Another big difference are the temperatures and hence how to dress. 😉

Outfit idea with sequin top during the day

fashion blogger over 50 in sequin top with plaid shirt in front of a background with light and shade

style book author standing in the shade with a casual work outfit with plaid and sequins
Outfit details: Oliveo plaid shirt, Isaac Mizrahi cardigan, Sienna Studio leather pencil skirt, GNW tight, Harley Davidson motorcycle booties, sequin top, Hermes collier de chien bangle and bead necklace (all own)

Here I am wearing a black sequin top – another form of light and shadow ;). I paired it with a plaid blouse under a black cotton cardigan with a black leather pencil skirt, black tights, Harley Davidson booties, and a blue and green necklace that picks up the colors of the plaid shirt.

stylist in a diamond print with leopard jacket
Head band, leopard print diamond jacket, GNW tights, Harley Davidson booties, Sierra Studio leather skirt, LeatherCoatsEtc cashmere lined gloves, and Yes Saint Laurent bag (all own)

The outerwear is my leopard diamond patterned jacket, a head band to keep my ears warm, and a brown bag. The brown bag fits into the outfit due to the brown and black pattern of the jacket.

Example with sequin cardigan, stripes and leather

Sequins, stripes, and leather together? Why not? This outfit is one of my favorites for Casusal Friday. It sounds quite unusual, may be even like “I can’t believe that that works.” It works because the sequins are on the front of a black cardigan reflect the light as they are shinny, while the leather is matt and all is dimmed down in black (shadow). The striped sweater just sticks to an neutral outfit in all black with just thin stripes of white. I added my tough booties and my dance fashion necklace as finishing touches. The booties pick up the touch rocker theme once more, while the necklace repeats the glam theme. I kept my makeup neutral to pick up the casual point of the outfit. Thus, these elements support the “black color” to pull the outfit together. Another reason why this monochromatic look works is that the pieces have different texture and shine – like light and shadow.

style blogger in edgy casual look with leather pants, sequin cardigan and striped sweater
Michael Kors sequin cardigan, Great Northwest striped sweater, London Jean leather pants, statement necklace and Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own)

I wore my thick diamond-leopard patterned shorter jacket with my black beret, black gloves as my outer outfit. The Kate Moss for Longchamp bag picks up the brown of the jackets pattern. A black bag would have worked too, but I just liked it more with the tan colored bag. Sometimes the obvious is not necessarily the chicest option. It is the expected one, but the unexpected one is often so much more stylish, and elevates the chic factor a notch or two.

fashion blogger winter style with leather trouser and statement jacket
Diamond leopard print jacket, beret style hat, London Jean leather trousers, Kate Moss for Longchamp satchel and LeatherCoatsEtc gloves (all own)

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Photos: G. Kramm

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