What I learned from 1000 fashion posts
eShakti dress, Valentino Rock studs, Coach bag, statement belt, and Winkwood sunglasses (all own)

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1000 posts and counting

Monday’s Focus Alaska post on the surfboard riding dog marked the 1000th post on High Latitude Style. Looking back at these 1000 posts, I learned some astonishing things.

Review posts are among readers’ favorites

It took me a while to understand why reviews on a style blog are of great value to readers. Brands/vendors can’t delete them like the reviews on their own web page. Furthermore, product reviews on brand/vendor pages have word or character restrictions. These limits prohibit detailed discussion of fit, craftsmanship, material, quality and price-performance ratio. There is no room to explain how a reviewer came up with a thumb up or down. However, these details (lifestyle, occasions to wear an item, expected lifetime of the item) are important for a potential buyer in their decision for or against buying an item.

#midlifestyle over 50 year old woman in abstract floral print dress
Back view of eShakti abstract floral print dress, Valentino Rock studs, Coach bag, Native artisan made statement belt, silk scarf, and Winkwood wood frame sunglasses (all own)

Reviews help online buyers in their decision making process

When at the end of the 90s, someone told me that in 20 years people will shop online at all kinds of online stores, I was skeptic. Well, at that time, I lived in Europe, where towns have a big downtown mall and malls in the suburbs. Ok, there were many people doing mail order from a catalog, but being a customer with the same store you knew what to expect. Why buying online to begin with?

Many fashion and style lovers can only buy online

Here in the US and also in Canada, there are many cities without malls, or department stores. No H&M, no Neiman Marcus, no Talbot, you name it. Living in a college/mining/tourism and military town with no department store and only small boutiques of which most don’t even offer my size, I have learned how to shop online to get the right fit, size, no matter which online store or brand I buy. Reviews are extremely helpful in this process.

#fashionover50 older woman in colorful look
eShakti dress, Valentino Rock studs, Coach bag, Hermes collier de chien bangle, bird statement belt, and Winkwood sunglasses (all own)

Expected lifetime tells you about the quality

An expected lifetime of just a summer for a trendy of the moment bracelet at $100, for instance, is not a great deal compared to a $3500 high end gold timeless bracelet that you will wear for years to come. An expected lifetime for a classic summer dress of just one summer is only a good deal when it costs less than $20. Such short lifetime for a classic cut means low quality fabrics and/or low craftsmanship on seams.

#maturestyle woman in pre-fall work outfit
u-knit summer dress styled for the first chilly mornings of pre-fall with GNW short sleeve cardigan, L.K. Bennett wedge pumps, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Moschino belt, statement necklace and bracelet (all own)


There is nothing wrong with a low quality, cheap clothing piece, when you are in the market for the trendy It item of this season for just this season. But nobody wants to buy a low quality item for the price of a high quality item. Period.

#Fashionover50 woman in colorful summer look
eShakti floral print dress, fuchsia scarf, Coach bag, artisan made belt, Valentino rock stars, and Winkwood mirrored wood frame sunglasses (all own)

Every woman is on a clothes budget, …

… unless your profession is being a heiress or you married a millionaire. I always try to negotiate a promo code for my readers. Who doesn’t like to save some bugs and stretch the fashion budget? However, most brands are not very cooperative along these lines, or may be their representative has not the authority to issue a promo code.

Giveaways extend the horizon

Giveaways are great opportunities for the winner to try something new at no risk. Many readers like to have a chance to get an item they normally would not try out. Either because they are happy with what they usually use or because it is out of their comfort zone. I enter giveaways for exact that reason too. We 40+ women learned the hard way already that spending money on an item, of which we were not sure about, often was a waste of money. We also know one can spend one dollar only once.

Unfortunately, it is often hard to talk brands into opening a giveaway internationally due to postage and customs issues. While gift card giveaways don’t have these problems, they don’t have the excitement of trying something new.

#advancedstyle woman with mixed pattern
u-knit printed summer dress with hat, L.K. Bennett wedge pumps, Moschino belt, Ray Ban mirrored sunglasses, and Coach bag (all own)

Affiliate links are no money makers

Yes, I am affiliated with some stores as I disclose on my affiliate page. These affiliates are stores where I like to shop because they have either high quality classic clothes (slow fashion) at a reasonable price, or they provide trendy (fast fashion) items at a reasonable price. Here reasonable price means a great price-performance ratio, which for me is $1 per wear over the lifetime of an item. In other words, the trendy item that I can wear only 20 times because it will fall apart after 20 wears can’t cost more than $20 to have a good price-performance ration. While a coat that I can wear for 10 years (e.g. a shearling coat) for $2000 has a great price performance ratio.

Guess, who is the one who uses the affiliate links all the time? It’s me. I get a couple of cents back when I use my affiliate link to buy my own clothes, clothes I want. In other words, when a fashion or style blogger wants to monetize her blog, she needs an line store/shop where she sells her own fashion picks. Affiliate links don’t do the trick to make money for a living.

What I learned from 1000 fashion posts

I also want to note that the brands I am affiliated with, don’t control these links. I am completely in control of what I write about an item, and I only buy clothes for my hard-earned money that fit my taste and style (evolution).

Broken links have to be fixed all the time

I check all the links in my posts before I hit publish. However, I keep fixing broken links all the time. Why? Some bloggers stop blogging for various reasons. Then a link to their blog has to be removed as it doesn’t lead anywhere. The same applies for brands.

The hardest part about fashion/style blogging

Posing in an indoor outfit outside at temperatures below -20F (-28.9oC). 😉 Here is the evidence for a photo shot at -40F (-40oC).

What would you read more about on High Latitude Style? What are your greatest challenges in getting the style you want? What are your style challenge that you want to be addressed in posts? Just use the form below to tell me. Thank you for your help improving High Latitude Style.

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Top of the World Style Winner Jen
Jen, the blogger at Librarian for Life and Style became Top of the World Style Winner. Photo from her post


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Top of the World OOTD Readers' Fav Triina
Triina the fashion blogger at Elegance Revisited became Top of the World OOTD Readers’ Fav. Photo from her post


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Top of the World OOTD My Fav Johanna
Johanna, the lifestyle blogger at 101 Things I love became Top of the World OOTD My Fav. Photo from her post


Johanna, the blogger at 101 Things I Love, caught my eyes with her white denim and pink top with floral lace. This outfit became my favorite of last week’s party because of the unexpected pairing of white denim with this delicate top. Such a cool look.

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