Leather shorts for work

over 50 years old fashion blogger in desaturated work attire with short leater pants and blazer

Fake summer suit with leather shorts and linen blazer

Leather shorts are having a moment right now. I am lucky to work in a casual work environment. Thus, I can wear my favorite black leather shorts to work on Casual Friday as a fake short-suit. To soften the edginess of the leather Bermudas and to get out of the “vacation vibe” often associated with above-the-knee pants as well as to look professional, I added my white short-sleeve linen blazer.

Why this outfit works

Black and white is an eternal classic. The ensemble of shorts and blazer in black and white gives the look of the shorts-suit trend. Suit reads work. By pairing the combination with gray classic ankle strap heels, Pippa bag and gold tone jewelry the look becomes even more classic. Desaturated color combinations and neutral colors are always office appropriate. The pants become the statement piece of a classic with a twist look of the day.

Nicole of High Latitude Style in a fake summer suit with leather shorts style as a desaturated posh Casual Friday look
Orvis leather shorts, Fruit of the Loom T-shirt, Covington ankle strap pumps, Modalo Pippa bag, Hermes H-buckle belt, Vittoria linnen blazer Ray Ban sunglasses (all own)

Leather shorts are more versatile than you think

When I bought these leather Bermudas I did not expect to get so much wear out of them. I had in mind to wear the shorts with a cable knit sweater, booties and heavy wool tights in winter or with a long-sleeve top underneath a denim jacket. However, it turned out that these leather shorts hit at a nice spot on the tighs and look surprisingly great with bare legs too. Thus, I wore them with a gingham shirt and straw hat on a day with a Bavarian sky in the Interior of Alaska . The hide also looks great with a Hawaiian shirt and a baseball cap. On a day off shorts also work well with a stripped T-shirt and denim jacket. I think it’s because of the lenght and relative wide cut that they are so versatile. It even needs a second look to realizes these are indeed shorts.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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