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GNW polka dot print cardigan, GNW Luxe sweater, belt, oblong floral print silk scarf, Hermes collier de chien bangle, striped Oliveo leather skirt, GNW tight, Jimmy Choo boots (all own)

Stars and stripes forever

Star prints and stripes are big fashion trends that work well for women at any age. Every woman – over 50 or not – should have a high quality, non-wrinkle striped shirt. Stripes are a classic. When you still have a 9 to 5 day and a strict work dress code (business casual or formal), invest in some high quality tailored shirts with vertical stripes. Vertical stripes give a slimming illusion and give the illusion of height.

When it comes to the star print trend, go for small stars of the size of polka dots with skirts, shirts, or summer dresses. Canvas or Keds with stars are cute with jeans for the weekend. The hand-size stars fit better on a flag than on any clothes. Even the models looked weird in them.

You may disagree on the following point, but I think stars and stripes look best together on a flag, not in an outfit – not even in patriotic outfits on Independence Day.

#fashionover50 woman in trendy stripes with belt
Oliveo striped leather skirt, GNW tight, Jimmy Choo shearling boots, Hermes collier de chien bangle, GNW top, silk scarf and trendy belt

Belt everything

The spring/summer season has a lot of clothes with a lot of volume. To keep the volume in order and don’t look like a scarecrow or frumpy, a belt is a must. You don’t need a high-end logo belt. But you need a belt. It’s the must-have accessory of the season. Belt your wide dress, belt your blazer, your sweater, ….

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#trendsover40 midlife woman wearing a belt for shape in an over-size sweater
Gucci silk scarf, Orvis over-size Irish cable knit sweater belted for shape with Paloma Picasso x belt, Pendleton glen check pleated wool midi skirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, YSL bag, Dior over-the-knee boots, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, and beret, and maxi shearling coat worn as a cape (all own)

Dress up your denim

When you always buy your jeans in a dark midnight blue, now is the time to stock up on them. Dark denim is a Must-have. Besides the dark mid-night blue, embellishment on your jeans is a big trend. If your style is romantic and you like embroidery than go for a pair of jeans in this style, but make sure the embroidery looks grown-up. See the link for best options on ageless style in embroidery.

Another fashionable embellishment for jeans are pearls. It’s an easy DIY when you have the time. just get some faux pearls at the craft store, sew them on one side of the leg. Once the trend is over, cut them off and you have a great pair of normal jeans. Sequins are another embellishment.

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The dress your jeans up trend, however, goes beyond embellishment. Actually, those dressed up denims are solid or distressed, i.e. without embellishment. They are paired with dresses that come close to party dresses or semi-formal evening gear. This trend can be easily done with pieces from your closet for girls’ night out, if you have the nerve. A not so brave variation of the trend is to pair the dark denim with a belted silk or satin blazer. Recall that shine add weight and shiny satin highlights every bump and lump. The right fit is very important. Think twice whether you want to go that risky route.

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80s power suits and pencil skirts

I really rejoice about the comeback of  the pencil-skirts. They are my favorite skirt cut. Italian length please. Well any longer and you can’t enter a bus or a truck here in Alaska. Pants suits are also having a moment. Even though I like the look of a well cut tailored pants suit, I will skip the trend. On a woman over 50, a pants suit just looks old-fashioned and conservative. I prefer the unmatched suit. I still recall the suit I bought in my twenties “to be taken serious” and “to look professional.” Today I am professional, seriously. Thus, I don’t need a suit to pretend it. LOL.

90s urban vibe

The 90s urban vibe has a moment. However, it lightened up and became so much more friendly than it was back in the 90s. Bold colors and even prints. Of course, you can go for the solid black that was everywhere in the 90s. However, why not trying this urban style the 10s? When you live in a climate region with a long spring time of chilly mornings and want a trendy new coat, get one of these anoraks that look like a mix between trench coat and a parka. They look polished, but casual and can be worn to work and on the weekend.  Go for a color that also works on rainy summer days and in fall to get the cost-per-wear down.

#trendsover50 #fashion red anorak trench coat Trend 90s urban vibe. I like this
StyleWe anorak-trench coat
in red, but you can also get it in neutral khaki, i.e. a real urban style color
#fashiontrends trendy anorak trench coat back view
Back view of red urban vibe anorak trench coat

Monochromatic outfits in bold, bright colors …

…. no neutrals added except, maybe with the shoes. A flesh color pumps, in the nude of your skin, is best. A pro for this trend is that monochromatic outfits give the illusion of height. The eye goes up and down without “an end of the color.” Here is the con: Some colors – red, pink, pastels – can add 5 to 10 pounds. Even the models didn’t look thin anymore in the monochromatic pink or red look!

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You can find 21 tips on how to create a monochromatic outfit without looking like trying too hard at the link.

#fashionover50 woman in all navy outfit with some fashionable pops of color in red and white
When you go for a monochromatic look in a slimming dark color like navy add some pop of color like red or white so the look is friendly and is more spring/summer. Here again the belt gathers the volume. Kieselstein Cord belt, snake tail buckle, over-size cardigan, Pendleton pleated wool skirt, DIY statement necklace, L.K. Bennett boots (all own), and shirt c/o Riders by Lee

… and monochromatic outfits in pastels

Pastels add weight. They are unflattering on deep winter and fall color types. They look great on light color types. Be aware that some pastels are the typical old people color. Thus, when you go for pastels make sure its a fitted, modern cut and a fashion pastel of the year. Style the look modern to look young and hip, not like an old granny trying to hard.

Satin and shine

Satin and shine are having a moment. Well to be precise, satin and shine from head-to-toe is the trend. As pointed out above, anything that is shiny gives the illusion of more weight and shine emphasizes every figure flaw. If you go for the trend pick your best body feature and add the shiny satin there. For tips how to style the shine trend see the post at the link. The photo below shows the trend in one of my outfits.

#fashionover50 #LilySilk woman in LilySilk skirt and shirt
Harley Davidson booties, nude fishnet tight (all own), silk skirt and shirt c/o LilySilk


Call me a prude, if you like, but transparent from head-to-toe doesn’t look great on anyone. A top with a transparent section over the collar bone is nice for date night or maybe even a semi-formal business dinner or reception. But as a dress or even shorts? What are these designers thinking?

Mixed prints

I am very excited about the mixed print trend being back. I don’t know why, but I rarely wear one print alone.

#advancedstyle woman in the mixed prints trend of spring/summer
GNW cardigan over GNW Luxe cashmere wool sweater, statement belt, silk floral oblong scarf, Oliveo striped skirt, GNW tight, multi-semi precious gems statement necklace, and Jimy Choo boots (all own)
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#mixedprinttrend #fashionover40 mixed print dress
The safest ways to go with the mixed print trend is getting the help of (a) a designer, i.e. buying a mixed print dress like this beautiful A-line dress from StyleWe that I love, or (b) hiring a personal stylist
#trendsover50 A-line dress in trendy mixed print design
Back view of StyleWe trendy mixed print dress

See the posts at the links to read how to to mix prints and pattern.

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