Keep One 4 the Next OOTD #5

It’s the skirt. Was your guess right?

#suedeUtilityJacket #butondownshirt #pastelfloralskirt #PhilipLimBag
Utility jacket with pastel floral skirt

In this OOTD, I picked up the olive green and the two pink shades of the skirt with the suede utility jacket, cap-toe pumps and fuchsia bag, while yesterday I picked up the bluish and pink shades. When you compare these two outfits even though the use the same recipe (shirt, jacket, same skirt) they look quite differently. The trick when wearing the same item one day after the other is to give it a different vibe either with the colors (like in this week’s example) or the vibe (compare this and this).

#suedeUtilityJacket #butondownshirt #pastelfloralskirt #PhilipLimBag
Suede utility jacket, floral skirt, Ray Ban sunglasses

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)