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Casual Friday work outfit of silk sweater, silk scarf, white blazer, leather jogging pants and Keds (all own). Necklace c/o Almo Jewellery

Remember the old school fabric sports shoes we wore in elementary school. No one would have ever imagined that one day they would be worn on the streets! Stars like Taylor Swift made them an It item. Read how I got my first pair in adulthood and how I style them.

  1. Keds Were on My May-be List
  2. Keds Are Great in Fall in Alaska
  3. How I Styled these Old School Sports Shoes

Keds Were on My May-be List

I have a may-be list on which I write down items that I might be interested in when the item and price are right, i.e. items that are not must haves for me. A cute pair of Keds was on the may be list since a while as I wanted some flat “old school” sport shoe look-a-likes with print for swing dancing. Thus, when I saw this pair of Keds on sale for 50% off I bought them. They came with red and white laces. I put in the white ones as the look more preppy. More on how to have preppy style at the link.

Keds Are Great in Fall in Alaska

Sure, you can wear them like Taylor Swift with a floral girly Romantic Style dress. When I put them into my closet I decided that I would wear them at least once to work this fall when it is sunny. There is already the first gravel on campus as a left-over of the first snowfall. This time is really bad for any fancy heels as there is no way to avoid stepping on gravel, but it is still too early for heavy boots.

How I Styled these Old School Sports Shoes

In this Casual Friday look, I kept the upper body classic with a silk sweater, silk scarf and blazer. I added sleek leather jogging pants and Keds. The type of pants and its sleekness and the colors tie the unusual semi-classic casual look together. For the commute to work I added a trench coat and my Jaeger tote.

over 50 years old stylist in Keds with trench coat
Casual Friday outfit suitable for running errands after work. Burberry Brit trench coat with Vince leather joggers, Jaeger tote, silk print scarf, polka dot Keds (all own), and jade onyx necklace c/o Almo Jewellery


Do you like this type of old school sneakers? How do you style them? More on how to style sneakers and Co in the post at thelink.

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