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The June outfits that you loved the most

OMG. It is already July 1. This means half of 2014 passed already by and Best outfits of 2014 is closer than Best looks of 2013. Furthermore, it is recap time. But first, the new OOTD, and why/how I threw it together this way.

#Fashionover40 Best OOTM June polka dot pleated skirt
Outfit as in the previous photo, but with addition of a striped Jones New York cardigan in the colors of the skirt to stay warm on a summer evening. The outfit works because of the different size of the prints and the restriction to the same color scheme of blue, white and green

What I wore

In summer, the diurnal temperature cycle in the continental interiors may be quite large. This means it is chilly in the morning as the nighttime temperature minimum is around 6am local time on a cloud-free day. Thus, one needs a cover up when one is out early. In the afternoon, it may be 18 to 27F (10 to 15oC) warmer. In the evening, it may get chilly and again a cardigan comes in handy. What do you schlep with you to keep comfy in the early morning, AC and late evening?

June recap

Now to the recap of June’s Top 5 according to my readers’pushing the like button.

  1. Infinity possibilities
  2. 1st blogversary
  3. Office appropriate florals
  4. Are your clothes lying?
  5. Evening on the river

Don’t forget, tomorrow is Keep One 4 the Next OOTD #7. Thus, make your guess and stop by tomorrow to check whether you were right. See you tomorrow here at High Latitude Style.

Photos: G. Kramm

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