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A wooden watch is very personal

Last Friday, I picked up my husband after work for date night out.  <3 Upon greeting me and entering the car he said in German “A small package arrived for you.” “Great, that must be the wooden watch I’m waiting for.” I replied. To understand his answer you must know that the German language uses the same word “Uhr” for watch and clock.

“A cuckoo clock?” He made me smile with the disbelieve in his voice and his horrified face. Thanks goodness, we were standing in front of a red traffic light. 🙂

#JORDWATCH #fashionover50 styling a military inspired dress with a unique wooden watch
Wooden watch c/o Jord with own Ray Ban pilot sunglasses, heritage necklace,  moon stone ring,  jade pearl earrings, and Nova military shirt dress
#JORDWATCH wooden Jord stop watch chronograph with instructions
Wooden box in which the Jord watch came on its little pillow with instructions and extra links taken out of the wooden band to fit my tiny arm

Back at home, he asked for the honor to open the package. Granted. He hurried to rip the package open “Is that a men’s watch? Wow! That’s pretty. Did you order that?” In that moment, I was glad that Jord had adjusted the band for me to fit my arm. “No, on both. It’s a sample from Jord. Do you think men would wear a watch with these Swarovski crystals?” “Why not? I think they look great! But that watch is huge for a lady. It looks like a Seiko. It’s probably 42 mm in diameter.” He is good on estimating sizes. “Yes, it is a Seiko. Man-inspired watches are hip right now. But that’s not why I picked it out on purpose. I want to tell the time without looking Old Lady.” Once you are over 40, small women watches are just jewelry I thought while saying this. One needs either reading glasses or a huge watch. I prefer a chic huge watch.

styling a wooden watch c/o Jord
Sidney wooden watch c/o Jord with own military inspired Nova dress, Earrings, necklace, Coach bag, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Gabriella Rocha sandals and Ray Ban sunglasses

“Wow. This wooden watch even has a stop watch option and has some protection to be water resistant!” he was reading the instructions. After turning back to me, he said “The cherry wood matches the color of your hair in the sun.” “Like Snow-white?” We both laughed. “I picked that wood color to match my hair.” We laughed again. “Sure, you did. That’s so you!” “Yes, and the mother-of-pearl dial to match my teeth.” We laughed again.

details of Jord watch
Zoom-in on the chronograph design of the wooden sports watch with Swarovski crystals c/o Jord

He meanwhile had pulled the watch from its little pillow. I saw the disappointment in his face when he realized that the band was too short for him. “I can order one for you. They make them with bands up to 225 mm. You won’t need one that’s that long for sure.” I said while he put the Sidney wood watch on my arm. “No, no, I don’t want one!” he said in the way that men say “Oh, yes, please do.” I guess I have to talk to Santa Claus.

How do you like this wooden sport’s watch or are you more a small watch person? They also have small watches for women and men wood watches.

In summary

Jord wooden watches are very unique as wood is very unique. Thus, they are perfect as a signature style piece. Moreover, they are very affordable.Browse their collection now

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Photos: G. Kramm

Photos of the watch: N. Mölders

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