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Bee design ring $85. Various other bee and bug rings are available as well

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  1. Going to School until 35
  2. A Trend Returns: Show Your Major in Your Jewelry
  3. Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
  4. Biology and Wildlife Go (Neo?) Bohemian
  5. Theater, Arts and Music



Going to School until 35

When I was a kid, someone asked me what I would like to do when I would be a grown up. My answer was “I will go to school until 35.” The adult said that there are only 13 school years and that I would have finished them way before turning 35. I insisted that I would go to school until 35. And  actually, I graduate from my second doctorate when I was 35.

As a kid I always loved going back to school. It meant being out of the control of my mom from 7 am to 2:30 pm and twice a week even 6:00 pm. It also meant clothes shopping, new shoes and new clothes and once in a while a piece of new jewelry from my grandpa Oscar.

Today I am still excited about back to school. It means a new class, new students and sharing my knowledge with the next generation of students.

A Trend Returns: Show Your Major in Your Jewelry

When I was a graduate student in the 1980s, it was hip to show you major in your jewelry. As an undergraduate I wore a sailing plane around my neck as a link to aviation meteorology. When I graduated my mom gave me a frog pendant. In Germany, frog are thought to be able to forecast the weather.

It’s great to see the trend is back. Students again show their major in their accessories. It’s not just as the college tees. They don fashion rings and necklaces related to the things they study.

Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

Fisheries and ocean sciences students don fish studs, ocars and other beasts of the sea.

Orca killer whale studs
Orca killer whale sterling silver earrings $89.00
Jeulia Star fishes ring
Starfish .925 Ag ring $105

The UAF College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences has a big tank with real star fishes. At an outreach event, I once petted one of the star fishes. I also watched them eating pieces of halibut. It looks like they turn their stomach inside out for eating. Starfishes are so interesting, don’t you think so?

Clownfish nemo stud earrings
Clownfish nemo stud earrings $105


The Romantic Style gal may even don a mermaid with a waiving tail. How cute is that? When taking notes the little mermaid on the finger seems to swim with any motion of the hand.

Goddess of the Sea
“Goddess of the Sea” Mermaid Ring $210. There are also mermaid necklaces, but not with a waiving tail.

Biology and Wildlife Go (Neo?) Bohemian

Flower power is hip (again). But the flowers aren’t abstract anymore. They are very close to the real. Daisies, leaves, little roses, even little bugs in sterling silver with gold or enamel accents. See some of the cute examples of fashion necklaces and rings below.

sunflower jewelry with yellow crystal accents
Sunflower ring with yellow crystal accents $119. Other “sunflower” jewelry exists that has only  one accent crystal. For my eyes they look like little daisies.


Do you agree with Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly, who said in the movie You’ve got Mail:

Aren't daisies the most friendliest flowers? #moviequote Click To Tweet

Speaking of movies, remember the elephant parade and its song in the Jungle Book movie? The scene where the little elephant teaches Mowgli how to walk in line? If so, you may be excited about the finger band below.

elephant parade band
Two tone round cut green and white crystal accents elephant parade band $135. Similar also available with crystal encrusted elephants $139


Did you know that Rudyard Kipling‘s Jungle Book fables were first published in magazines in 1893–94 with illustrations by his father John Lockwood Kipling? Did you know that the Jungle Books were witten in Vermont in the United States? The second book was published in 1895.

Another fun fact related to back-to-school: When I taught at the University of Leipzig, the students gave me the nickname Bagheera inspired by the panther who helped Mowgli.

Pre-med and Vet Majors

Who wouldn’t identify a biology or chemistry students with a heart beat necklace as a pre-med major?

Heartbeat Necklace
Heartbeat necklace $29

Theater, Arts and Music

Do you have a theater, arts or music student in your family? What about gifting them a guitar pendant necklace when they go back to college?

personalized Jeulia jewelry guitar pendant
Guitar pendant that can be personalized with your student’s name, birth stone, you name it


All these major jewelry and more are available at Jeulia at very affordable prices. Browse their collection now for a back-to-school gift for your son, daughter, nephew, nice, grandkid, or just for yourself.

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P.S. FYI: Their pre-sale is up to 30% off. Their final sale is up to 70%. Their anniversary sale is 15% off on pieces over $150. Their daily deal is up to 50% off.

Photos of jewelry: Courtesy to Jeulia

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