It’s my birthday

When I was a child having birthday in July meant that many friends did not come because they were on family vacation. Since I live in Alaska, my birthday reminds me of that there are at best 7-8 weeks of warmer days left and that leaves will start turning yellow in a month.

These facts given I enjoy wearing my 3/4 sleeves floral blazer with a red T-shirt and a black summer skirt before it gets to cold for wearing them. I also enjoy not having to wear tights or hose. It is nice to let the skin breath without getting frost nips. Well, one gets mosquito bites instead. However, they heal faster than frost nip, but are very annoying too. Frost nip is the initial state of frostbite. At onset, frost nip itches. Then the skin gets white, and red patches looking similar to sunburn develop and the skin feels numb.

#over40 floral blazer | High Latitude Style |
Floral blazer with red silk top, pendant necklace, straight skirt, pointy-toe studded flats, structured bag, D&GM sunglasses, and DIY belt buckle (all own)

Given that the cold season starts in about 7-8 weeks I started planning the additions to my cold season wardrobe. I already got the black studded booties I had on my wishlist since last summer, but could not find anywhere.

Photo: G. Kramm (2013)

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