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We were taught to hand-make gifts

Recall when in elementary school we handmade Christmas and New Years greeting cards for our family? The straw stars for the Christmas tree? Baked salt cookies that had the only purpose to save as decoration on the tree? It taught us to think about what the person would like. It served to develop our creativity and appreciate someone else’s having a different taste.

It wasn’t called customization, back then. It was called make it personal for XYZ, where XYZ is a placeholder for the person who will get the gift. You were proud of your customized handmade products. It made the person happy and you were happy about it.

#custommademug initiate the start a mug collection
A mug with a family photo is a great gift for a family member who loves collecting about everything. Just give a new mug year after year. Add the year to make it even more special. You could also make the mugs for all your holiday guests. They will never cancel at the last minute again as they would miss out on a piece in their collection.

Custom-made is important

Personal style is so important! It’s about you and/or the person. Remember Aldous Huxley‘s book Brave New World with 200 clones of the same person? What a terrifying imagination of a world full of people like oneself. It would be so boring, right? One would never be surprised, not confronted with new ideas you didn’t have already. No thoughts spend on others. You would know what they think because you think it. Nothing would be personal anymore. Everyone would have the same.

Thanks goodness our World is not like that! We still appreciate hand-made, unique, personalized items. We still have the ideas, but often lack the time for putting them to become reality.

#Tshirts a photo T-shirt is always a great idea
A very unique personalized T-shirt makes a great gift for everyone. A photo of the newly weds for them, the new baby for grandma and the big brother, a photo of her cat for the cat-crazy lady in your family or circle of friends or colleagues.

PurpleTrail is your solution to personal handmade gifts

Customization is the business word for making it personal. PurpleTrail  is a leading custom stationery company based in Seattle. They produce hand-made planners and other custom printed products according to your ideas! This means you can make your ideas of great handmade gifts reality at a fraction of the time you would need for just shopping for the material.

The hard to shop for relatives and colleagues are no longer a reason for holiday shopping stress. Who doesn’t like a fully personalized planner, or content planner?

gifting design the planner that you will give
A made to your ideas daily, weekly or monthly planner is a thoughtful gift for the hard-to-shop for person

They also custom-make invites and other products that are all handmade from start to finish. They offer a full range of customization on high quality handmade products you want to gift, but you don’t have the time for to make them yourself. Not to mention you couldn’t make them for such an affordable price as they offer you.

#holidays memories printed on canvas
You had a wedding in your family this year and you took a lot of great photos of the party? A photo or a collage of photos printed on canvas is great gift for the proud mother and father-of-the-bride/groom. This concept also works for a baptizing, graduation, etc. Alternatively you could choose to have the photo print on metal instead of canvas for those high-tech lovers or when metal would match better with their interior design than canvas

Thus, why to stress out to find time for handmade items in your already tight and/or over-committed schedule, when you could as well have someone else make them according to your ideas?

handmade photo magnets of the kids for the older generation in the family
It’s a very American thing to have a collection of magnets on the fridge. What about photo magnets? They are available as squares or rectangles.

Why can handmade in the US be cheaper than DIY?

Time is money, right? they have high skilled experienced crafts(wo)men. Experience means high quality and needing less time to make a product compared to a person who does something once in a blue moon. Buying material in small amounts like you would need for your DIY is more expensive than in buying material in large bulks. Moreover, for some crafts you need special tools you don’t have and would have to buy too.

Since they at PurpleTrail make all items themselves from start to finish, there is no added delay. You can get your items in as little as one business day!

food conserve the family recipes with a recipe book made to order
Family recipes are secrets and memorable treasures. I love my grandma’s recipe book and once in a while I cook my favorites that she used to cook for me when I was a kid and a teenager. A family recipe book is a great gift for the passionate cook in your family.

In a nutshell

PurpleTrail hand-makes high quality products according to your ideas at a fraction of what it would cost you in effort and money to DIY. And it is very easy to communicate your ideas of the hand-made item via their website. Of course, can also make business cards, invitations for all kinds of events, Thank You cards, all made to order.

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Start to design your personalized presents now.

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