Same name, different content

For years I read InStyle. Last week, I found a German InStyle magazine in my mailbox at work. A colleague of mine had been in Germany for her vacation and she had bought a German InStyle for me.

What a difference! Two fashion magazine with the same name, but like day and night. The first big difference is the number of pages. The US version is twice as thick as the German one. Super-sized so to speak. Why? The American version has much more ads to keep the price low. The German version hence is much more expensive.

fashion blogger Nicole of High Latitude Style looking posh casual in a denim dress
Liz Claiborne denim dress with rolled up sleeves, Kieselstein Cord belt, Liz Claiborne pumps and Chanel bag for a casual, but polished office look.

The second difference is that in the German version, the table of content is actually on the fourth page, i.e. the second sheet of paper. In the American version, the content is after a good amount of very pretty ads – all great outfits – of course.

The ads also differ. No ads for Botox, anti-aging creams, etc. in the German version. This leads to the next big difference. It seems that the readership of the German version is younger than that of the American.  The outfits were mostly around fun and vacation, while in the American one it is more towards work than weekend and/or vacation. Maybe the nearly six weeks of vacation (27-29 business days) and the 35 hour week make being stylish outside of the work environment more important.

The issue my colleague picked up was the August issue. It was surfing, swimming, sundresses and summer all over it. Traditionally August issues of US fashion magazines present the fall Must-haves, which trends to keep and which to toss. Summer is over – back to school – seems to end summer traditionally in the US, sort of. A summer item may play a minor role in some kind of wear-it-now wear-it-later presentation of the it fall/winter item.

Another difference was that bloggers and top models seemed to be very integrated in the German version. They presented various national and international bloggers – all of them excellent.

Which one do I prefer?

Hard to say! I enjoyed not to have to search for the articles thru many ads, but I on the other hand don’t mind the ads when it helps to keep the price low. And some of the ads present great outfits too. However, I have to admit that I read the German one cover to cover. After 13 years without a German fashion magazine, it appears very different how the German language allows to write about fashion as compared to the English language.

Look of the Day

Now to the OOTD. I am wearing my denim dress. I paired it with my blue snake imprint patent leather pumps and blue crocodile imprinted Kieselstein Cord belt for a casual, but polished work outfit. I am also wearing my D&G Madonna sunnies and Chanel bag. I love the contrast between denim and patent leather, and denim blue and beige, high end and low end.

blogger in denim shirt dress
Liz claiborne shirt dress with side slits. The Kieselstein Cord belt gives shape to this straight shirt dress. Shoes: Liz Claiborne, sunglasses: D&G Madonna

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Photos: G. Kramm

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