Insomniac browsing of trends – my Zaful chart

Trends that work over 50

A while ago, I wrote about my pledge not to buy after 8 pm. It’s to avoid impulse buying and staying on a budget. Nevertheless, I love to browse online stores late in the evening. I fill up my chart with items that I love and that are trendy, but nevertheless wearable over 50. Only when I wake up the next day and can’t stop thinking about an item, then I apply my buying rules to decide whether or not to hit the purchase button.

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Since Zaful has its 4th anniversary, I browsed the Zaful 4th Anniversary sale they asked me to make a wish list. Thus, I filled my chart with items suitable for women in midlife.

What trends landed in my chart

#budgetfashion cheap dress that works for women over 40 $21.99 Striped knitted bodycon dress. Perfect for the office with pearls and a belt.#budgetstyle trendy dress that is suitable for women in midlife $29.49 Lemon print belted dress – white and yellow. I would wear this with green, yellow, white or red pumps.

#cheaptrends great classic dress for women over 40 $24.99 Half Buttoned Polka Dot Midi Dress. I would wear it with pink pumps and belt for the office.

#cheaplook sheath appropriate for work for women in midlife $12.95 Knee Length Print Day Dress. A perfect summer sheath for work

#plussize great figure flattering dress for parties for older ladies $24.49 Plus Size lace rose petal print vintage dress. Perfect figure flattering. Great for dancing. Too bad it wouldn’t fit me.

#workstyle figure flattering for mature ladies $22.52 Sleeveless floral print A-line swing vintage dress – Purple. Great for work and dancing. Available in plus sizes.#styleonebudget classic posh black and white wrap dress $23.41 Slit beach printed wrap dress. This one can do double duty for vacation and work

#fashionover50 tiny floral midi with button front $20.99 Tiny floral midi wrap dress – red. This beauty works for the office, farmers market and vacation mall browsing

#budgetfashionista great beach maxi for older ladies $23.49 Red polka dot maxi wrap. Perfect for the resort and beach parties

#plussizestyle LBD for midlife plus size ladies $17.99 Button decorated surplice plus size LBD. Perfect for work.

Buying criteria and action

In the following the actions are given in brackets.

  • Can I afford buying it? No (don’t buy. Pin it to your pinterest wish list and search for a cheaper version. Delete it from the chart.) Yes (goto next question).
  • Do I already own a similar piece? No (don’t buy). Yes (go to next question).
  • Is this a style that works for my personal style and lifestyle? No (don’t buy). Yes (go to next question).
  • Will I be embarrassed when my grandkids see photos of me in this look in 10 years? This means is the trend ridiculous and a one-day fly. Yes  (don’t buy).  No  (goto next question).
  • Can I come up at least with three different outfits with this piece with pieces I already own? No (don’t buy). Yes (go to next question).
  • Will I get a price-performance ratio that will be below $1 over the piece’s tenure in my closet? No (don’t buy). Yes (go to next question).
  • Can I wait to wear this piece? Yes (don’t buy). No (press buy).

Of course, I can’t get them all. I can’t stop thinking about this brown polka dot dress ever since Julia Roberts wore a similar one in Pretty Woman. The swing dresses would be perfect for dancing. Good thing, one of them is plus size. I wanted a lemon dress since a long time.

When there are multiple pieces you like, you will have to add an additional question prior to pressing the button. This is

Which of all these beauties makes the most sense to update my wardrobe? #budgetfashion Click To Tweet

I have $45 in my budget left. Thus, I need to do some thinking. 😉

Zaful promo code

Use code ” ZFjaned4″ for $3 off $25; $6 off $50; $12 off $100. Each customer could only use each coupon for 3 times.

Zaful services

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Zaful has unconditional refund with quality, non-received, size issues within 24 hours.

How do you make your purchase decisions? Which one would/do you buy? Which Zaful pieces land in your chart? Browse their collection.

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