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#eShakti #polkaDotCardigan
#eShakti #over40
Polka dot cardigan with peridot green bead necklace, and skirt c/o eShakti for an office appropriate look on a chilly, rainy summer day

When I looked out of the window everything was gray, it was raining cats and dogs. The trees moved in the wind. A glimpse on the thermometer also told me it is chilly. Wind and temperatures in the 60s (around 15C) mean that the air actually will feel much colder. Thus, I decided to dress a little warmer and go for some bold color with the indoor and “outer outfit”.

I wore a white cotton polka dot cardigan as a blouse with my new skirt that has these nice bold stripes. I picked up the yellow green of the skirt with the peridote necklace for some color coordination. I added nude shoes to elongate the legs and it also picks up the color of the skirt.

As cork plateau sandals are no a good idea in rainy weather when walking thru puddles I packed the sandals into my office bag and wore my Hunter rain boots on the commute to work. The yellow men’s HH raincoat and the sunflower yellow pliage added some summer color to the gray summer day.

#over40fashion #eShakti  #HHraincoat #pliageBag
Yellow men’s HH raincoat with sunflower yellow LongChamp pliage (own), and striped skirt c/o eShakti to brighten up a rainy and windy day

I am astonished about all the different possibilities to style this custom made skirt (here, here). The promo code ‘latitudes’ for 10% off that eShakti has exclusively for my lovely readers when you shop at eShakti ends 06-19-2014.

Tomorrow is Keep One 4 the Next OOTD. Don’t forget to make your guess and check whether you were right. 😉

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

Copyright 2013, 2014 Nicole Mölders | All rights reserved

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