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#over40 #over50 work outfit with tropical print skirt | High Latitude Style |http://wp.me/p3FTnC-3e8
GNW Luxe sweater with Loft tropical print skirt (all own)

#over40 #over50 office outfit for spring | High Latitude Style | http://wp.me/p3FTnC-3e8
GNW Luxe sweater with Loft skirt, and Salvatore Ferragamo pumps

Growing up in Europe, I was told that self-promotion is a bad thing. Thus, when I started my blog, I did not do it. Big mistake!

After more than 500 posts and nearly two years of blogging, my advice to any new-bee is not to overlook the power and importance of self-promotion. You cannot rely on your readers finding you, you will have to find your readers. Thus, self-promotion is not bad at all. Here are my eight tips I would give my two years younger me:

  1. Your main focus should always be your blog. But set up social media accounts on the three platforms that make most sense for your type of blog. Create your profile and link to your blog and vice versa.
  2. Make sure you use the share option of your blog platform so that when you post, the link goes automatically up on your social media.
  3. Most people will follow you only on one social media platform. These platforms are quite different in their way of presenting information. Thus, learn how to do the 140 character pitch for Twitter or how to get your message onto a photo you pin on Pinterest or post on Facebook. And of course, don’t forget the short link to your blog post. You post on social media to steer traffic to your blog, remember?
  4. Many people like to look at a photo. Thus, give the people what they want and even add a photo on Twitter.
  5. You don’t have to be afraid that social media will draw away traffic from your blog when you make your social media posts in form of teasers or use always the same photo. If your followers like the photo, or you get their attention with your teaser, they will click the link to your blog for more.
  6. Don’t loose patience. It takes a while until your social media activities pay off.
  7. Don’t think that you have to be on all possible social media platforms. You would spread yourself too thin. Three social media accounts that you can handle in a consistent way are better than all when your presence would be just sporadic.
  8. And always remember, blogging requires consistency and great content.

Happy blogging.

#over40 #over50 work outfit | High Latitude Style | http://wp.me/p3FTnC-3e8
Loft tropical print skirt with GNQ Luxe sweater, 3.1 Philip Lim bag, Salvatore Ferragamo pumps and Newport News leather jacket

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