How to look ageless in blue

Fashion over 50 woman in distressed jeans

Blue is a work color

February is the month for wearing red because of Valentine’s Day. Thus, for a change, let’s have a look at ageless style in blue. Blue is a color associated with work, often with work in a factory. Blue collar worker. Nevertheless, it is also a work color for the so-called white collar workers. The navy blazer with gold buttons is an eternal classic that has its origin in the military uniforms. Here navy is used in the Navy and in some countries in the Air Force as well. Speaking of uniforms, many air lines use blue for their uniforms, and it’s not because the sky is blue.

#advancedfashion over 50 year old woman in denim skirt and blue sweater Oliveo denim skirt with Ann Taylor sweater dyed navy blue, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle GNW tight, Coach booties (all own) and boot toppers c/o My Top of the Boot

#styleover50 ultramarine wrap dress with white Indian print for the office Ethnic inspired printed wrap dress c/o HSN over haftee c/o Haftee with own belt and metallic kitten heel pumps

#Styleover50 marine and red floral dress with dyed blazer Notations floral blazer after dyeing with L.K. Bennett open toe pumps, Hermes bangles, Seiko watch,  Jaeger tote, Karina Dress floral print dress (all own)

#fashionover50 mature woman in bomber jacket and skirt Rebecca Taylor floral print bomber jacket,Hermes collier de chien bangle, Festina watch, ZR&ZR skirt, Prada bag, and Via Spiaga slingbacks (all own)

#fashionover40 woman in blue fake skirt suit Jacket Socity motorcycle jacket with GNW Luxe sweater, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Halogen skirt, GNW tights and Harley Davidson booties (all own)

#maturefashion woman in pleated skirt with sweater Lauren Ralph Lauren pleated polka dot skirt, Brooks Brothers cable knit sweater, Tommy Hilfiger wedge sandals, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and neckerchief (all own)

#fashionover40 mature woman in classic navy-white polka dress for work Karina Dresses polka dot dress styled with Kelly green Nine West pumps, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle and peridot pearl necklace (all own)

#midlifestyle Casual Friday outfit with Gucci bag and statement heels Oliveo chambray button down shirt, neckerchief, statement belt, London Jean BF jeans, Gucci bag, and Studio gladiator heels (all own), and wooden watch c/o Jord

#fashionover50 woman in a navy tweed sheath work outfit Blue tweed sheath dress c/o Shein styled with own GNW Luxe sweater, Hermes collier de chien bangle and leather band, GNW tight, Antonio Melani booties, and brooches

#agelesstyle woman in blue needle stripe skirt suit with a twist Dark blue needle stripe skirt suit with front zipper, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, sequin top, GNW Luxe sweater, GNW tight, and Valentino boots (all own)

Blue is the “natural” color associated with jeans or denim. All other denim items are considered colored, even the white ones. There are carpenter jeans for a reason. And it’s not because blue is the color for boys, but it hasn’t been that way all the time.

What is so special about blue?

Blue still looks good when it gets a bit dirty. Well, stewardesses and stewards may spill something while working, the blue collar worker, constructor, carpenter, you name it, may get dirty performing their work. The business person basically wears the blue blazer for the same reason.

Blue is very versatile

Blue doesn’t stop after work. On the contrary, it is a great color on weekends too. Even for festive attire, sapphire or royal-blue are great choices.

Again, it’s because this color’s brightness  is hard to stop looking great even when there is a little dirt from a mishap. Furthermore, no matter whether it is a mute shade like navy or in a clear shade or lightened up with white, the color is such a classic, it blends in. Thus, a classic all blue suit, gown, or dress can be worn again and again. Blue is such a work horse for everyone. When in doubt what color to wear other than black go for blue.

Here are a couple of weekend, vacation, and festive more or less monochromatic outfit inspirations in blue.

#fashionover50 mature woman in denim dress Denim dress (altered) with Anne Klein scarf as belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and Gloria Vanderbilt pumps (all own)

#fashionover50 woman in indigo and white print sundress with shirt Oliveo shirt, hat, BP sandals, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own) and sundress c/o Needham Lane

#fashionover50 mature woman in azure and white Jäger dirndl styled as skirt Jäger dirndl worn as skirt under Carhartt gingham shirt (pocket removed), Dr. Scholl wedge sandals, Ray Ban sunglasses, Coach bag (all own), and green wood watch c/o Jord

#over50fashion woman in denim-on-denim casual look Great Northwest denim shirt, Loft flared jeans, neckerchief, statement belt (all own), Musse & Cloud sandals c/o Coolway, and wooden sport watch c/o Jord

#agelessstyle mature woman in festive outfit with navy and gold thread brocade skirt Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, GNW tight, Harley Davidson booties, Tucker brocade skirt, silk scarf (all own) and statement necklace c/o Happiness Boutique

#styleover50 woman in royal blue and black sequin and velvet semi-formal dress Royal blue sequin black velvet semi-formal gown c/o AMICLUBWEAR worn with own Very Fine Dance Shoes Latin dance sandals

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Of course, a monochromatic outfit in this color is also a great idea. You can find tips and trick how to style a monochromatic outfit at this link.

Which of the outfit inspirations is your favorite? How do you wear your blue? What is your challenge styling an outfit in this color? Let me know by email how I can help you.

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