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Lookbook Store layered mesh skirt – a mother of pearl and ballet dream

#styleover40 midlife woman looking posh in a chic mesh skirt

Yesterday I introduced you to Lookbook Store an online women boutique and one of three samples of my choice. Today I present you the second piece that I picked from Lookbook Store’s huge collection and that I got courtesy to them.

#advancedstyle woman in nude mesh tulle skirt styled with blush pinks
Nude layered mesh skirt c/o Lookbook Store styled with my own Brooks Brothers gray silk cashmere sweater, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and gray belt plus pale pink patent leather Via Spiga sling back. The waist band of the skirt features pale pink satin

After browsing what Lookbook Store had to offer I immediately fell in love with this very feminine layered mesh skirt. I decided to jump on this trend and I am sure I will not be the last. This layered mesh skirt has two nude mesh layers and a slightly shorter pale pink satin opaque fabric layer underneath. This design is genius as it produces a nice play of color shades from petal pink over beige to nude like mother of pearl. My photographer captured this color play well in the series of photos shown below. The fact that the pale pink satin fabric is shorter than the nude mesh fabric gives the skirt a playful teasing vibe.

#fashionover50 woman in ballet inspired color outfit with mesh skirt
Demonstration of the color play of the c/o Lookbook Store nude layered mesh skirt that is caused by the double nude mesh layers over an opaque pale pink satin layer.
#LookBookStore #styleover50 woman in ballet colors inspired outfit
Demonstration of the layering details of the c/o Lookbook Store’s nude layered mesh skirt

This skirt has a rubber band in the pale pink waist band that makes the skirt a one size fits (nearly) all. The skirt is cut straight and the fabric circumference is about 60 inch (~1.52 m), i.e. it should fit anyone with hips less than about 55 inch or so (1.4 m). On a boyish athletic body like mine the skirt creates beautiful body around the hips. However, on an hourglass body the fabric will be distributed over a wider circumference around the hips than on my body. Then the skirt will not add this “extra” weight as it does on my straight up and down body. Thus, this skirt will flatter many body shapes including hourglass (X-shape), inverted triangle or A-shape.

#LookBookStore #advancedfashion mature woman in mesh skirt with cashmere sweater and belt reflecting the shades of pearls
Demonstration of the nice movement of the c/o Lookbook Store net skirt

The skirt has a very nice smooth ballerina like movement as demonstrated above. I wanted to go the ballerina route of this Lookbook Store layered mesh skirt and stay with the ballet type colors. Thus, I added my pale pink sling backs and gray cashmere silk sweater. Since the forecast for the evening predicted temperatures in the upper 50s (around 15C) I took my tailored light wash denim jacket with me. It has a tailored cut and hence plays well with the feminine vibe of the skirt.

Since in ballet, woolen leg warmers are a common thing I will try to wear this skirt in fall with gray tights, a long sleeve top and flats. For extra warmth I could even put a half slip underneath. What do I want more when I always have to have in mind that every piece should be wearable also when temperatures drop? Being able to wear summer pieces in some form or another longer than just in June, and July is a top priority for anyone living in cold climate.

#fashionover50 woman in Lookbook Store mesh skirt
C/o Lookbook Store nude layered mesh skirt styled with my own gray silk cashmere sweater, light wash tailored denim jacket, gray belt, pale pink Via Spiga sling backs, Hermes collier de chien bangle,  and Modalo Pippa bag. The different price ranges of this items in this outfit make it down to Earth real life. The pastel color scheme makes it very summery and feminine. See post for another styling suggestion

Do you like this layered mesh skirt/tutu trend? If so do you have already one? Lookbook Store also has shorter and longer layered skirt styles and also jewel colors if these are more along you length and color preference. How do or would you style your layered mesh skirt?

Tomorrow I will introduce you to the third piece that I chose from Lookbook Store, and I will provide an overall evaluation. Thus, stay tuned.

Disclosure: This mesh skirt is a sample of my choice from Lookbook Store.  The post is not endorsed by them. All opinions are mine and 100 % honest. There are affiliate links in this post.

Photos: G. Kramm

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