7 tips to look great at a sportsevent

No fear of dressing for a sports event

When you are a hardcore fan of a team you surely have their “uniform” and hence not to worry about what to wear to a game. Just throw it on and blend in.

However, what if your best female friend got an extra ticket and invites you to a game or your kid, nephew, nice or grand-kid has a game that they want you to attend because you are in town?

Don’t sweat it! Read on what to do! Dressing for a sports event is easy even without having/buying a uniform.

fashion blogger over 50 in boxy top with pencil skirt
Front view of color block eShakti top with Loft floral print skirt, beads and pearls necklace, DvF sunglasses, and studded flats (all own)

Tips to look your best ever at a sports event

Here are seven tips to look appropriate for a sports event.

  1. First find out what kind of event you go to, whether it will be indoors or outside, and what the colors of the team are that you are supposed to cheer for. If the game is outside also check the weather forecast.
  2. Keeping the answers to the above questions and the anticipated weather in mind, riot your closet for casual items that are in colors close to the team’s colors. For instance, if the team has cardinal red and white, red and off-white will be fine. It’s about the intend. It must not be exactly the same colors.

    fashionover40 printed skirt with color blogged top
    Color-block eShakti top with Loft floral print skirt and studded flats (all own)
  3. Decide whether you want to express your style or just want to blend in with the fans. In the latter case, a T-shirt/sweater plus jacket (cold weather) in colors close to those of the team with jeans and sneakers will be a safe bet. In the former, make sure when you design an outfit that you avoid the other team’s colors, but have those of her team somewhere in your outfit.
  4. In cold weather, sporty fabrics, stripes and prints for the top with a beret, beanie or other wool hats plus jeans, sneakers or wedges with a messenger or other casual bag are good choices to stay warm and comfy and look sporty. Think of former governor Sarah Palin on February 17, 2007 waving the checked flag at the finish line of the Tesoro Iron Dog snow-machine race on the Chena River in Fairbanks when the First Dude and his team mate Davies finished first place.
  5. In warm weather, flat sandals, moccasins, or canvas sneakers are great options for your footwear. Jeans, Bermuda shorts, cargo pants or not too short cutoffs or denim skirts work as well. On top, go for thin cotton layers as you don’t know whether you will have a place in the shadow or the sun. You want to be able to adjust your outfit to thermal comfort. Speaking of the sun, don’t forget to use sun cream, bringing sunglasses, and a flat hat. The hat being flat and brimless on the sides is critical, as you don’t want to blog the view for the people behind you. Having a hat handy is critical, as you don’t want to get a sunstroke. If the game is in the evening, have a mosquito repellent. You don’t want to be dinner.
  6. Go for a natural look with your makeup. When you have long hair go for a braid as you don’t want that your hair gets tangles and too much friction when the wind plays with it. Who needs split ends?
  7. Avoid belts, anything body conscious, heels, a fancy updo, bags that are not casual, the other team’s colors, and short skirts, short shorts, or short dresses. Even style icon and designer of very body conscious dresses Victoria Beckham has been going casual when watching her husband’s or kids’ soccer games. And by no means wear mommy jeans!
styleover50 summer sporty outfit
Side view of color-block eShakti top with Loft floral print pencil skirt, DvF sunglasses, necklace, and studded flats (all own)

Example outfit for sports event for a girly girl

The OOTD shown in this post would work for a game of a team either having blue and green, white and blue or green and blue as colors as long as the additional color is not one of the other team’s colors.

Look book for sports event outfits

#fashionover50 woman dressed for a sports event in the colors of the team Dressing in the colors of the team in black and red. Orvis leather shorts, red striped T-shirt
#fashionover50 woman dressed for a shorts event in colors similar to the green, white and blue of the team Dressing in colors similar to those of the team (e.g. green, blue white)

#over40fashion Kuspak Alaska street style at Iditarod dog race Wearing my self-sewn green velvet kuspak with hat, Blodo faux fur lined boots, shearling mittens with bead embroidery for watching the Iditarod#fashionover40 mature woman in a cocktail dress for watching a dance competition Outfit for watching a dance competition

Are you a regular at sports events? What games do you like to watch? What do you wear to the event? Send me an email, I am curious.

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