Window shopping in Fairbanks is browsing stores online

In a couple of posts this month, I used the term insomniac shopping. I use that term for browsing online pages after 8 pm. This browsing of web page is the modern version of the window shopping that I used to do on Sunday afternoons in Germany in the 90s. Just looking, getting ideas, inspiration, learning what is out there, but not buying. Well, it is not only the modern version of window shopping, but also the only one you can do in Fairbanks. In winter, it would be too cold, in summer too busy with all the tourist, if there were window shopping opportunities at all.

details of leopard print styled with belt

fashion blogger in floral skirt with pink sweater
Pink Brooks Brothers cashmere sweater, Bisous pale yellow floral skirt that picks up the pink of the sweater plus pale yellow Juicy Couture patent leather mod mules for a chilly summer day. The leopard print skinny belt serves to define the waist. Knotting the belt creates interest. The necklace picks up the yellow and green of the skirt.

Avoid impulse buying by bookmarking

I have a pact with myself to not shop after 8 pm. Thus, during my insomniac online shopping I bookmark items that I like. If I still remember what I had bookmarked, I think of at least three outfits with the item I love. Thus, if the item passes these tests then I buy it. Thus, my rule of thumb is:

If you still want it after 24 hours and can make more than 3 outfits with it get it. #fashion #styletip Click To Tweet

Do you have a rule when/what to buy? I am looking forward to hearing from you. Stay in style.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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