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#fashionover40 #fashionover50 One baseball jacket 10 ways @ High Latitude Style @
#casual #over40 #over40fashion #HighLatitudeStyle
Striped T-shirt c/o Marine Layer with J Brand jeans (own),, Coach booties (own) , and baseball jacket as a casual winter indoor outfit
#booties #HighLatitudeStyle #Coach
Zoom-in on the Coach booties (own)

Dear readers,

Happy Holidays! Thanksgiving has its roots deep in the American history going back to the first settlers who arrived with the Mayflower. Since America celebrates Thanksgiving today I would like to express my deep thanks to all of my readers – the ones who follow me, the silent ones of whom I know they exist when I look at my statistics, and the ones who email me comments, questions and/or suggestions that help improve this blog. I appreciate every one of you.

I also want to thanks my fellow bloggers for helpful hosting linkup parties, as well as comments and fruitful discussions on twitter and/or facebook. I am also thankful to the brands who send me samples for review. I always give my honest opinion as I find reviews very beneficial when online shopping. Brands and sellers (except some on eBay or Craig’s list) never show the inside of a dress, skirt, or bag, or the darts of a plaid or striped piece. But there is where one can see whether the producer pays attention to details. Matching patterns, extra buttons, or lining in bags, for instance, are signs for better quality.

I am also very thankful for my photographer and husband taking photos again and again even when it is freezing outside <3.

I am sure you also have a lot of things you are thankful for, even when you do not have a day off today and/or do not celebrate Thanksgiving today. To all of you, have a joyful holiday season.

Best regards and stay in style,

P.S. Get a subscription to my blog here. You can find how we celebrated Thanksgiving last year here.

#belt #MarineLayer #KieselsteinCordBelt #HighLatitudeStyle
Zoom-in on details of the leather baseball jacket, bracelet, and belt (all own), striped T-shirt c/o Marine Layer

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

Copyright 2013, 2014 Nicole Mölders | All rights reserved

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