HLS spotlight: Alina from From My Perspective

I am proud to introduce you to a young, talented fashion blogger, Alina from From My Perspective. I became aware of her on facebook where she had posted a wonderful outfit that included an East European, Russian to be precise, scarf and looked totally modern and fashion forward.This quite unusual, but stunning outfit made me visit her blog. There I found a lot of great outfits in her signature style that blends East European and western pieces. From my perspective, From My Perspective’s best post are (in increasing order) Sailor at Heart, Opposites, and Green Petals, Bright Flowers (see below).

High Latitude Style spotlight Alina
Sailor at Heart. Photo: Courtesy of Alina, From My Perspective (2013)

I love the timelessness of Sailor at Heart. This outfit is a classic since Brigit Bardot wore her sailor striped top, cropped pants and ballet flat in the 50s. However, Alina made it look so fresh and unique and so her by adding the Russian scarf and the motorcycle leather jacket. In Opposites, the tension between the pieces is just perfect. This outfit reminds me of a citation of Isaac Mizrahi that I read a while ago in a journal. According to that magazine he must have said that one has to try everything with everything and find out what looks the best and rightest way off. Alina has nailed this perfectly down an developed her signature style.

High Latitude Style spotlight Alina
Photo: Courtesy to Alina from From My Perspective (2013).

The same applies to Green Petals. This ensemble is genius – wearing a petal skirt with a leather jacket and her signature piece the Russian scarf. All pieces that when one just hears these buzz words first would not think would go together. Have a look she made it work.

High Latitude Style spotlight Alina
Photo: Courtesy to Alina from From My Perspective (2013).

I asked Alina ten questions on her blog, signature style, and how she got it. Here is what she has to say.

HLS: You have a button on your blog that is called embroidery. This button is pretty cool as it changes the font type when once pushed. Tell me about your love of embroidery. How did it develop and became part of your style and personality?

Alina: Growing up in Ukraine as a young lady you learn things like that! I do appreciate that people kept with tradition, that girls and young women should know how to embroider, sew, crochet! We had classes in school, and me and my sister used to also go to a separate embroidery class and crochet class! And my mom and grandma taught me how to knit! 🙂  I’m good at crocheting too, and knitting, and with practice would pick up sewing, but I took most to embroidery! I love bright colors and nature, and bringing it to life through needle and thread is amazing! Every creation I do means something! And I do feel proud to continue the tradition! I just wish I had more time! I’m working on a sunflower right now, and want to post a little tutorial soon! 🙂

HLS: On your twitter profile, you state that you are kitty obsessed. I know dogs have owners and cats have staff. Tell me about what makes cats so special Form Your Perspective?

Alina: I love how you use my blog name in questions! 🙂 Ever since I was little we had kitties! Actually, out first ginger lady was a rescue me and my sister found one fall night in our neighborhood! Ever since then, we would bring rescues home, try to help, feed, heel. Cats are very gentle and loving creatures, they are very loyal and will remember the good you did! Also they are so cute and hugable, and you just can’t resist their furry bellies!! 🙂 I have never met a cat I didn’t like! 😉

HLS: I agree. I love cats too for these reasons. You keep your great body shape by performing martial arts. This art or better sport seems to be in great contradiction to what one usually thinks a pretty young woman and fashion blogger would be interested in. How did you get involved and fell in love with martial arts?

Alina: When we moved to Lithuania we had a club nearby, and my mom always wanting to do it as a child, but never having a chance brought us there. I was hooked! Partially because we had the best trainer ever! Woman herself, a black belt! She is like a big sister to us! You feel strong, empowered and able. I think having muscles and curves should be more in fashion! 🙂

HLS: Being in great shape always is in style. In one of your Facebook posts, you mentioned your sailor grandpa, who has obviously evoked your deep love for everything nautical. Tell me what makes him such a special person that he indirectly influenced your fashion choices.

Alina: Unfortunately, I have never met that Grandpa,  but heard a lot! I even have one of his medals from World War 2!  And my Daddy himself telling stories about Grandfather being a strict captain, his childhood in the port town of Odessa and his sailing adventures in the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Atlantic, … 🙂 I cherish those memories! 🙂 Those people are special, because they are where I come from!

HLS: That is definitively true. You lived in Ukraine and Lithuania and currently blog out of New York. How have these different cultural environments influenced your style and fashion choices?

Alina: Growing up on the Ukraine peninsula of Crimea, winters are usually mild. Sometimes it gets cold but never way below 0oC (32F). And Lithuania is much colder. You need a more serious coat and boots! As a teen, I was mostly tomboyish. Lots of jeans! And we didn’t have a lot of clothes! But at heart, Eastern European women are very feminine! So skirts and shawls took over! 🙂

HLS: It is part of finding one’s signature style to try things out. I had a tomboy phase in college when I lived in France. Speaking of other countries, Lithuania has a warm humid temperate climate with warm, dry summers, and severe winters. In Ukraine, the climate is temperate continental with relatively hot summers and cool winters except along the southern Crimean coast where the climate is humid subtropical. Now you live in a humid continental climate. To be comfortable one has to adapt to the weather and climate. How did these differences in weather and climate change the way you dress, and your style and wardrobe choices?

Alina: As I said before, the milder winters in Crimea didn’t require much layering. You are usually ok with one sweater and a decent jacket. But in the Baltic, sometimes a turtleneck under a regular jumper was essential. I don’t believe I was that stylish growing up, but we did what we could! Now I aim for elegant and feminine, but don’t sacrifice warmth for fashion! Meaning definitely undershirts, thick tights under skirts (or jeans with thin underpants if the weather requires it), warm shawls, furry hat, and I also really love wool coats!

HLS: What is your greatest challenge when putting an outfit together?

Alina: Sometimes things don’t seem to go (match) with things! But I get over it. When you get frustrated, it’s best to stop thinking about it and you’ll see the right combination will just pop in your mind! 🙂 I also try to follow a rule: Always try to dress like you are being “photographed”. So my thing is I always want to be good enough for myself.

HLS: That is a great strategy to look to your best every day. That brings me to the next question. While here in Alaska, breakup will not occur before another five month it is not that long for spring to come in Europe. How do you edit/plan your wardrobe for the next season, and what are the top items on your wish/shopping list?

Alina: I definitely want more skirts, pretty sandals, and dresses! It will be cold probably until end of April. But when it starts thawing I swap for a lighter jacket (usually my leather one), but I still wear tights (comfy!). And I wear mostly light sweaters or even blouses if weather permits!

HLS: Now that we have a glimpse what you will wear next, what would you never be seen in?

Alina: I’d never be seen in harem pants..!  (Unless I dress as Jasmine on Halloween). So not flattering… Especially all those modern versions!

HLS: They are definitively tricky to wear, but pop up on a regular basis. Now my last question for today. We at the end of the year when everybody makes resolutions and plans for the next year. Where do you see From My Perspective in a year from now?

Alina: Blogging helped me a lot so far, getting more confidence in myself, putting more thoughts into outfits, being more trendy, the list goes on! I want to continue doing that and I am also hoping to spread the word more, in case someone finds my ideas helpful! 🙂 Nothing is more rewarding that helping someone to change the outlook for the better!!

HLS: I totally agree helping is so rewarding. Thanks for the interview From My Perspective. Now let us see which from your perspective are From My Perspective’s three favorite outfits and how they match up with my list.

From My Perspective’s three favorite outfits so far are (in decreasing order) Sailor at Heart, Grey Plaid, and Parisian Skyline. I have to admit they were also in my top ten list of her outfits. Sailor at Heart came in third in my short list list, Plaid Grey fourth on my top ten list, I thought that Parisian Skyline is a very, very cute preppy outfit for a young lady like Alina, a great idea. It is also so cool! However, a 40+ woman like me has (unfortunately) to skip on wearing this one. But I definitively would have worn it back then when I was her age.

High Latitude Style spotlight Alina
Photo: Courtesy to Alina from From My Perspective (2013).

Alina says about this outfit “Everything Sailor is very close to my heart! (Of course because of my Dad and his Dad!) I’m very proud of what they were! And by wearing traditional Sailor’s shirt “Telnyashka” I’m paying my respect to them and their achievements! Also I paired it with traditional Russian Pavloposadskiy shawl to make it even more authentic, and leather makes it tough! ;)”

High Latitude Style spotlight Alina
Photo: Courtesy to Alina from From My Perspective (2013).

Alina says about this outfit “I borrowed a sweater from my boyfriend. It was so warm and cozy. The whole outfit with just simple skinny jeans felt effortless, yet chic! ”

High Latitude Style spotlight Alina
Photo: Courtesy to Alina from From My Perspective (2013).

Alina says about this outfit “I felt really romantic in that look! I love that stockings also had Eiffel Tower on them but the whole look stayed simple because I stuck to neutrals! I also love leather zipper skirt and military inspired coat!”

When you are interested to see more of this promising young fashion blogger’s great outfits check out her blog From My Perspective.

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