Hide the bite

Mosquitoes are really bad this year in Interior Alaska. They are like black dark clouds of little beasts. While you try to fight one off, two or three others get you somewhere else. This year they seem to be super aggressive and do not make big choices on where they bite. It even seems like that they take your mosquito repellent for an appetizer. Thus, I got tons of mosquito bites on my back last weekend when I did some yard work.

Well all these bites do not look very stylish, fashionable or attractive. May be they look style appropriate for an outdoor hiking, hunting or fishing outfit, but they for sure are not quite the expected accessories for a semi-formal party attire. Well I was invited to attend a party with Fairbanks formal as dress code.

midlife woman looking posh chic in a cocktail dress
Cocktail dress worn over lace layering top with metal bag, and T-strap dance shoes (all own)
Cocktail dress back view
Back view of cocktail dress

Fairbanks formal means that woman may show up in a cocktail dress, and it is enough when the gentlemen wear dark wash jeans and a clean, intact and ironed shirt. You see, I got a problem. To distract the eye from my back, I put a brooch at the point where the cocktail dress had the gathering of the “tail”. I put on super gold patent T-strap high heels (>4.5 inch) as another focus point away from the bites. To hide the bites, I wore my lace long sleeve T-shirt underneath my lace cocktail dress. Guess, what? I thought it looked much nicer than without the shirt? Just curious. Send me an email

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Photos by G. Kramm

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