Greening up in a great look with a chic green sweater

Styling a green sweater before greenup

It will still take a while until the new leaves will show up in the subarctic. It will not be before mid May. Thus, I try to get the light green of spring’s new leaves by wearing my chartreuse cashmere sweater under my plaid dress. Now one just has to imaging it is a birch tree with its first leaves on greenup day. Just kidding. I hope greenup will not take as long as last year.

#advancedfashion using greenup color inspiration for a work outfit with green sweater in midlife
Ruby Belle plaid sheath dress in the colors of birch tree stems, Paloma Picasso sunglasses, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Hermes Medor watch with green wrist band, GNW tight, HH- booties, and chartreuse Landsend cashmere sweat that reminds of the green of fresh leaves during greenup

Greenup occurs in mid May in Interior Alaska

The average greenup date in Fairbanks is May 10. The greenup date has been recorded in Fairbanks since 1974. The earliest greenup date on record is April 29 in 1993. The latest on record was May 25 in 1992. Greenup occurs first on the south facing slopes, then in the valley and on the north facing slopes. In Fairbanks, greenup is a very abrupt phenomenon (like many other things). It usually occurs within 24 hours. It is like all the trees, on command, sprout leaves.

How I styled my outerwear look

Now to further details on my OOTD. Since it is still chilly, well what an Alaskan calls chilly, it is probably cold for everyone of you living down south, I wore my A-line faux fur coat as my outer outfit, red silk wool lined scarf, red Celine tote, red gloves and black hat. Even though it is still cold, it is at least sunglasses weather. Here I wear my Paloma Picasso sunnies.

#fashionover50 Alaskan spring outerwear outfit with hints of green
Faux fur A-line coat, silk cashmere scarf with floral print with hints of green, Celine bag, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, GNW tight, Double H lace-up booties, black beret, and Paloma Picasso frame re-worked to sunglasses (all own) for an Alaskan spring outfit prior to greenup

Are the trees already greening up where you live? When does it typically greenup? Do you also have a love for chartreuse green after a long winter? Let me know, I’m curious. Send me an email.

Photos: G. Kramm

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