Green beret

#over40 Winter look  | High Latitude Style |
Shearling coat with green beret, and LV bucket bag (all own)
#over40 Winter look  | High Latitude Style |
Back view of shearling coat over plaid skirt worn with brown booties and green beret

It has gotten extremely cold lately. Thus, taking style photos becomes a real challenge for both the photographer and me. Once temperatures are around -40C (-40F) the fingers get easily frozen to the camera body. The battery also does not like these low temperatures and its lifetime is reduced notably. Sometimes the camera just would not work because the battery is too cold. For me it is also pretty uncomfortable as I have to pose in the cold.

The outer outfits are not so uncomfortable to pose for. It is the indoor outfit. Of course, one could shoot the indoor outfit indoors. However, that requires a flash. I do not like the illumination of flash light photos as much as I like natural light. Thus, I try to have the indoor outfit picture taken outside if possible.

Another challenge is the short daylight time. The Sun is just a little more than 3 hours above the horizon at this time a year. However, it provides a wonderful pink light.

#over40 Winter work outfit  | High Latitude Style |
Printed GNW cardigan worn as top under long black GNW cardigan with plaid skirt, black tights and brown booties, accessorized with DIY statement belt (all own)

Photos: G. Kramm (2013)

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