Green 4 Plaid Sheath

fashion over 40 Woman in winter work outfit
Ruby Belle plaid sheath dress, GNW tights, Anne Klein turtleneck cashmere sweater, and Steve Madden lace-up sandals (all own)

Alaska fall work outfit

Temperatures are slightly above their October normal. In the mornings, they are around 30F (-2oC), while in the afternoon temperatures are in the upper 40s or lower 50s (~10oC). Despite the weather is still warm, and the trees lost their leaves only about three weeks ago, I already cave for green. May be it is because the trees turned from green to yellow already in late mid August? Everyone is eager for snow except the construction people. They are happy that they still can do work outside.

#fashionover50 Office outfit Mad Man style
Ruby Belle plaid dress with turtleneck sweater, DIY brooch, and Steve Madden lace-up plateau sandals (all own)

Well, I gave in on my desire for green and wore my green cashmere turtleneck sweater under my black and beige plaid sheath dress. I love the possibility to sheath dresses differently).

Wearing sandals in fall is in fashion over 40

I added black opaque tights and my fall lace-up sandals. I wanted to wear them as long as I can this fall. Once the flurries fly, open toe sandals are a no no when I do not want frost bite on my toes. 😉 For the commute to work I added my boxy burned red leather coat.

mature fashion  Woman in work outfit with leather coat
Work outfit with boxy leather coat and structured bag (all own)

Is it fall already where you live? Do you wear sandals in fall? How do you style them? What is your biggest style and/or dressing challenge in fall? Let me know by email, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm (2013)

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