Gold Rush Dancing

Here are my dance outfits that I promised to post today. They may give you some inspiration for what to wear on Halloween.

Gold rush costume
Gold rush costume

The additional mass of the long multi-layer asymmetrically cut skirt of this floozy dress makes it harder to spin. One also has to adjust when to stop spinning as the skirt still moves in the direction of the spin when you stop. It took me two dances to figure it out for this skirt and the longer, even bulkier skirt in the fourth photo.

midlife woman in gold rush costume
Front view of gold rush costume

I am always wearing bikers underneath a dance dress so that when the skirt spins too high I am still covered. As it was cold yesterday (in the 60s, 15,sup>oC) I wore a little caplet for the commute to the dance hall.

mature woman wearing a gold rush costume
Side view of gold rush costume with cape

I wore the following outfit to the Golden Days social dance of the Fairbanks Ballroom Dance Club. Very serious and conservative. 😉

Gold rush costume in white with vest
Long white gold rush costume with black vest and ethnic belt

It is a southwestern slip I bought in Vail, Colorado, a dirndl blouse, a vest with a metal belt and lace-up double H booties. I had all the pieces of this outfit somewhere in the back of my closet.

Photos: G. Kramm

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