Love gloves to improve your look, not only for protection

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Gloves are great for all kind of protection

Nurses and doctors wear them all the time for protection of themselves as the patients. Bikers and skate boarders wear gloves to protect their hands’ skin in case they fall. In winter, we wear gloves for protection from the cold weather. However, gloves have so much more to offer than just protection of various kind.

Gloves are a chic accessory that is often overlooked

Gloves are a great accessory in winter to keep your hands and fingers warm.

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#agelessStyle selection of gloves for various occassions

However, gloves can be great accessories beyond winter. A couple of summers ago, I was so into a pair of driving gloves while driving. I enjoyed the stares when leaving the car and taking them off.

Remember the eternal classic look of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Long black gloves with a little black sleeveless dress are ageless style. Remember First Lady Jackie Kennedy with her sleeveless sheath dresses, pillbox hat and over-the-wrist length white gloves at various state receptions? Classic chic and elegance. These examples reveal the recipe for having ageless style with gloves beyond winter. Wear gloves with a tailored simple cut solid color dress without sleeves.

#maturefashion mature woman wearing opera gloves and a black velvet ball gown
Neck-holder velvet gown with coin belt and leather opera gloves (all own)

Go beyond tan and black

Go for gloves with colors, but there is no need to match their color exactly with those of your hat or scarf. It is so much more modern to have a similar shade and not having all hat-scarf-gloves set. The matchy-match is so yesterday.

mature woman with gloves Example of matching the gloves to the visible indoor outfit: Striped coat with gloves, Lew Magram pants, Manolo Blahnik booties, YSL bag, GNW tights, gloves and hat (all own)midlife woman in winter outfit with gloves Example of picking up a color of other accessories: Red pea coat with LV silk scarf, YSL bag, Clark booties, gloves, Ray Ban Jackie O. sunglasses and brown pill box style hat (all own)

#fashionover50 mature woman wearing gloves as a style statement Example wearing gloves as a style statement: Oliveo leather skirt with leather jacket, hat, gloves, Modalo Pippa bag, bow tied scarf and ankle strap pumps (all own)
mature woman in work appropriate outfit with gloves Example wearing different shades of a color: Pea coat worn open as cape over closed red blazer with Halogen leather skirt, scarf, GNW tight, Manolo Blahnik booties, hunter green leather gloves, teal green beret, and green SAK bag (all own)

Shiny satin gloves in silver, gold, white or black are great for evening parties. Make sure the gloves don’t clash with the color of your dress and do not match the color of your shoes except they are black. White shiny satin gloves are also great for brides with sleeveless gowns.

Gloves are fun to wear for historic parades and Halloween

In former times, gloves were widely used in every day life, i.e. not only for staying warm in winter or special occasions. Thus, historic parades and festivals are great opportunities to don gloves, especially lace gloves. Halloween is just a bit more than a month away. If you love gloves, take the opportunity to add them in your costume.

#fashionover40 #halloween mature woman in a self-sewn historic costume
19th century costume that I sew for a historic parade

What not to wear

Except you are watching some outdoor winter sport event like the Yukon Quest, Iditarod, or you are mushing your dogs, snow-machine or have to wait for the bus at 40 below, steer away from mittens. Ok, add idling your car in the parking lot at 40 below in the dark of winter to the allowable list. 😉 Mittens are only cute on kids.

Be aware of the gloves etiquette

Take your gloves off when eating, dancing and drinking. Place your gloves under your napkin in your lap when eating. Except for may be bracelets wear your hand jewelry under the gloves during parties, receptions and balls.

Take off your day gloves when you come indoors. While you can keep your evening gloves on when shaking hands except you meet Mr. President, the Queen or alike, take day gloves off when shaking hands with whomever.

Do you wear gloves for style or just staying warm or both? What kind of gloves do you wear? Have you tried other colors than tan and black? If so which ones?

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