A glimpse on what goes on behind the scenes in fashion blogging

Dear readers,

Today I will give you another sight on my blog, the logistics behind the scenes so to speak. So to speak it is also an Alaska fashion story.

Recently, My Closet Catalogue – a fashion blogger here on wordpress you may want to keep an eye on too – wrote a post about wordpress.com vs. wordpress.org. She thought  about these alternatives as she has already used up 35% of the free 3GB. Well nice stylish outfits like the one above need not only closet, but also disk space. 😉 I also have already used up 1/3 of my free allowance, and I see the time on the horizon when I have to upgrade to 10 GB. Don’t worry, I will do it when it is time do to it.

#linenPants #KieselsteinCordBelt #HighLatitudeStyle
Black silk Jones New York blouse, Oliveo linen pants, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Kieselstein Cord lizard belt and Kieselstein Cord moon  buckle, Ray Ban sunglasses, smoky quartz statement necklace, and Anne Klein lizard slingbacks work outfit for a warm summer day. The lizard belt is a shade darker than the shoes. The color of the shoes elongates the legs. The zippers on the side of the pants add a twist to this classic look

I wrote to bring up two other aspects than pluggins and disk space that i believe one has to consider in this decision. My plan to stay on wordpress is about the pipe of data flow to and from the Lower 48s to Alaska. That pipe is a bottleneck, i.e. it is slow. I don’t want you to wait any longer than currently for my blog to load to present you the OOTD.

Another reason is my wish that you can read my blog whenever you want to. Thus, High Latitude Style should be up and running 99.9% of the time. In Alaska, one cannot rely on the availability of electricity 24/7/365. Each winter someone of my friends is without electricity for a day or longer when a Bering Sea storm topples trees over and places them right into the power lines 🙁 . In summer, convective systems called thunderstorms can do the same. So far I was lucky 🙂 and the longest without was 5 hours.

At work, I blog on wordpress.org. Why? There my readers are all on campus so the slow data transfer to the world is not an issue and if the power is down it is for my readers too as we are a residential campus.

Best regards and stay in style,

Yours Nicole xoxo

#linenPants #KieselsteinCordBelt #HighLatitudeStyle
Printed cotton 3/4 sleeve GNW cardigan with Oliveo linen pants, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Anne Klein slinback pumps, Ray Ban sunglasses, and Jones New York black silk top. The black color of the top and the black in the print pick up the black weave in the linen pants. The brown hues in the cardigan pick up the hue of the Kieselstein Cord belt and slingbacks

Photos: G. Kramm

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