When I wore this outfit my photographer said “Pünktchen und Anton”. This is the title of a book written by Erich Kästner published in 1931 and filmed in 1953 and 1999. It is a story about a boy and a girl living in different social conditions in Berlin who become friends. Their friendship leads to the girl’s parents not becoming the victim of a robbery and the boy’s mother getting a job and a great place to live.

fashion blogger in polka dot skirt and cardigan
Wearing a polka dot skirt with dot print cardigan and a Greek sailor’s cap for an evening at the Chena river

Pünktchen is not a legal German name for a girl. It is the girl’s nickname. Did you know that at their wedding German couples get a family book with a list of legal German boy and girl names?

Now back to Pünktchen and the OOTD. Pünktchen means little dot(s). The ending chen means little. It does not allow to tell whether it is the singular or the plural. Therefore the s in the brackets in the translation. Any word with this ending is also genderless, no matter which gender the original word had had before it got the ending chen. In this case, the original word was male – der Punkt. This leads to another rule. The vocal u becomes an umlaut once the ending chen gets added.

The translation makes the relation between the look and the book obvious. Here I am wearing my dotted cardigan as a top with my Lauren Ralph Lauren polka dot pleated skirt for an evening on the Chena river. The espadrille style sandals add a summer weekend vibe. Wear the same outfit but with pumps and it would be office appropriate on a hot summer day.  Thus, this look switches easily from work to play.

fashion blogger   in polka dot Skirt Greek Sailor Cap
Dots on dots with a Kieselstein Cord belt and belt buckle (own), Greek sailor’s cap and espadrilles for a relaxed weekend/outdoor going out look

For other ways how I styled this skirt and an ultimate guide how to stylishly mix prints and patterns check the post at the link.

Photos: G. Kramm

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