fashion over 40 Funny outfit photo
Me “Can you make a photo of the back of the boots?” Photographer “Why” Me “Because of these details, you see?” The camera “click!”
Fashion over 40
“Get a little lower!” “Why? Just lift the camera!” “No, please do me the fav and get a little bend in your knee, please!” Bending me knees “What are you up to?” Click! “Giving you a snow halo!”
fashion over 40
“Look I can do the Marilyn Monroe pose without an underground vent.”
fashion over 40 Having fun High Latitude Style blogger
“What does it take you so long? Aren’t you ready? I can’t hold the pose any longer.” Flash! “Oh, no you were ready already!”
Over 40 having fun in a silver leather pants streetstyle outfit
“Hurry up I’m cold. I’m not wearing a jacket like you.” “Just a minute.” “I throw a snowball at you!” Click.

What are the funniest situations that you had when your photo was taken? I am curious, send me an email.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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