Funnel cloud makes a scary appearance

#FocusAlaska funnel cloud over Fairbanks, AK @
Funnel cloud over Fairbanks. Photo with permission by U.S. Bhatt (2016)

Did you know that there are tornadoes in Alaska? No kidding, I am serious. Of course, they don’t have a foot print as large as the ones in Tornado Alley. However, there are 44 documented cases of funnel clouds in Alaska.

I have seen once three funnel clouds at the same time over the Tanana Flats looking south from the UAF campus. Unfortunately, I had no camera with me. Another time, I saw a funnel cloud right over Fairbanks from my office window (see photo above). Again, I had my camera at home. I run into my colleagues office as I knew she always has her iPhone handy.

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Jeanne Pierre striped sweater under Orvis camouflage with floral print jacket with statement belt, Anne Klein open-toe pumps, Oliveo linen pants, Anne Klein polka dots scarf and open-toe pumps (all own), and wooden watch c/o Jord

I was so excited and yelled “There is a funnel cloud out there. Get your iPhone to make a photo.” In that very moment, I feared the funnel may have already vanished and she would think I am crazy and/or that I fell asleep on my desk and just woke up after having a nightmare. But the cloud was still there and she took photos.

This month we had again a funnel cloud event. However, I did learn about it from my student. He had seen the article and photo in the Fairbanks Newsminer.

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Have you ever seen a funnel cloud? Do you live in an area where funnel clouds or tornadoes occur? Let me know, I am curious.

#fashionover40 casual spring outfit in Alaska @High Latitude Style
Jeanne Pierre striped sweater with Oliveo linen pants, Anne Klein pumps, Anne Klein polka dots scarf (all own), and wooden watch c/o Jord

You may be interested in other Alaska nature features like the Denali Fault or permafrost.

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Front view of Alaska casual spring outfit with Jeanne Pierre striped sweater, Orvis floral on camouflage print jacket, Oliveo linen pants, statement belt, Anne Klein AK print pumps, Anne Klein polka dots scarf (all own), and wooden watch c/o Jord

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Photos: G. Kramm (2016)

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